Hey I'm Danny and I have an anger deck that will knock your socks off.
It's red anger (sue me!) hey it's the easy way to win!
Here it is..
Touki waza
Red style mastery
Goku the Leader level 1
Goku the Defender level 2
Goku the Protector level 3
Goku the Unbeatable level 4
Krillin level 1
Krillin Enraged level 2
Piccolo the Trained level 1
Vegeta the Ready level 1
Vegeta the Powerful level 2
Trunks the Swordsman level 2
Namek Dragonball 1
Namek Dragonball 2
Namek Dragonball 3
Namek Dragonball 4
Namek Dragonball 5
Namek Dragonball 6
Namek Dragonball 7
Battlegrounds and Locations
Defensless Beach
Non-Combat Cards
Where Theres Life Theres Hope
Trunks Guardian Drill
Goku's Heart Disease
Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill
Red Tactical Drill
Guru as Your Ally
Kami as Your Ally
Vegeta Scans the City
Goku's Ready
Tein's Mental Conditioning
Trunks Finds the Answer
Trunks Energy Sphere x3
Drills are for the Weak
Time is a Warrior's Tool 
Red Blazing Arua x3
Garlic Jr's Black Water Mist x3
Phisical Combat
Red Power Rush x3
Red Eye Laser Assult x3
Goku's Battle Ready x3
Red Energy Charge x3
Frieza's Irritation Grows x3
Red Lightning Slash x3
Chiaotzu's Physical Halt
Energy Combat
Red Energy Blast x3
Red Face Upheaval x3
Spice Prepares for an Energy Blast x3
Captin Ginyu's Energy Attack x3