Thomas Britt

Clinton, MI

8-2-01, 7-13-01, & 8-27-01

Teinís Dragonball Wish


S = Saiyan saga

F = Freiza saga

T = Trunks saga

A = Andriod saga

P = Promo

1 Eyes of the dragon (S)

3 Powerful Followers (F)

1 Namek DragonBall Wish (T)

1 Unexpected Company (A)

1 Gokus Capturing drill (S)

1 Vegetas Quickness drill


3 Saiyan Truce Card (S)

3 Chiaotzus Physical Halt (T)

4 Battle Pausing (S)


This deck has never lost In any of the 3 tournuments it has been in. The thing you need to do is use Battle Pausing to bring back Gokuís Lucky Break &Gokuís ready. Win record 18-0

Thomas Britt

Clinton, Mi