hey whats up dbz fans me name is jan de jong im from hollond but i live in the U.S.
i now live in washington d.c. i go every week to my local hobby store and play the great dbz card game.there were about 16 people in the tourney. me and my friend are probably the best players there but this tourney was tough becuase a ranked player was playin anyway my deck is a red anger deck now my deck has red tokui waza and red style mastery anyway heres the deck report

goku 1-4 [trunks saga]    
red style mastery


3x red blazing aura

non combat
earth dbs 1-7
1x enraged
4x burning rage
1x blazing anger
1x power up the most     
1xsenzu bean
1x t-rex defence
1x piccolos flight
1x fortify your spirit
1x eyes of the dragon


2x red gravity drill
1x red coordination drill
1x vegetas quickness drill
1x android 20 absorbing drill

physical combat

1x red elbow strike
1xred knife hand
1x red eye laser assault
1x gokus surprise attack
1x nappas physical resistance
1x hidden power level
4x red reverse punch
3x red power rush
2x red knee strike
2x yajirobes physical attack
3x red knee strike
3x red palm heel strike
2x red implosion lunge
2x capn ginyu moves to attack
2x gohans physical attack

energy combat

1x gohans temper
1x red energy charge
1x red energy suspension
1x yamchas skillful defense
1x red energy disk blasting
3x red energy blast
2x red energy shield
2x cpn ginyu energy attack
2x red side kick
1x red kienzan discs


well ofcoarse my deck is and mpp winning deck and with the new rule you dont even use your highest personalety lv the person who reaches there first wins. now this deck has good drills so you can draw more cards. now the deck has defence against both physical and energy attacks. you have seven dragonballs and the great red style mastery.

now the tournament....

i got there early so i could buy some boosters and maby altar my deck the only thing i got was red coordination drill which i put in
first match.
me vs store clerk with blue deck
well with my luck i would have to go against a calming deck and with his blue style mastery i now needed to reach lv 6 to lv up. i drew a good hand 1 vegetas quickness drill and one red coordination dril plus ginyu energy attack.i drew up some more good cards and we went on battling a bit and in the end he ran out of life cards this was only because his king cold did not have high pur so i wooped on him with physical attacks. so i won woo hoo !

second match
me vs black frieza deck

wow the match from hell black frieza deck.well in the beginning he was beating me bad 9 life cards 7 life cards the punishment would not end . i put a lock on him by putting defences down and i got all my dragonballs. i love dem balls . this guy was so angry becuase just as i drew my seventh dragonball he drew a kami fades.

third match
me vs ranked player

this guy was undefeated just like me but he had an anger deck aswell so now it will just be luck.his main personality was piccolo so i knew he would be physical. me and him used our masteries wisely and with every turn he raised his anger like 3 and i like 5 so i won on 4th turn he took it well we shook hands and now i was in the final o yeas.

final round

me vs my friend with orange trunks deck
this guy beat the store owner so he must be good due to the fact that the store owners deck rocks.the two saiyans meet the special rule was dragonballs that are captured can still use powers. the match started with my friend laying the smack down on my candy ass and me focusing my turn in raising anger becuase i knew that was the only way  icould win becuase i could never go on with survival and he captured about 3 of my dragonballs. after i while he made me discard 2 burning rage which i needed to have to reach lv 4 so i drew earth dragonball 7 so i could get the 2 burning rage back and get to lv 4 o yes the first tourney i won and my prize one frieza booster one saiyan booster one trunks booster and one android booster. it looks like a big prize but entree fee was 5 dollar

well that was my deck any question , comments etc e mail me at CristineLatham@aol.com       
no thats not my name im male thats just my mothers e mail name i just want to say thanx to pojo if they post this deck and i think they should post it because this deck rules! c ya