> Deck Name: Vegeta in Training
> My name: Kiley Sorakoff
> Yuba City, Ca
> Date of tournerment: 9/20/01
> Mastery:
> Black style Mastery (TS)
> Main Personality:
> Level 1 Vegeta, the Determined
> Level 2 Vegeta, the Powerful
> Level 3 Vegeta, in Training
> Level 4 Vegeta On Namek (FS)
> Physical Combat:
> 3 Black Hug Maneuver
> 3 Black Flying Kick
> 3 Black Driving Palm Strike
> 3 Black Overpowering Attack
> 2 Black Off-Balancing Punch
> 2 Black Driving Leg Thrust
> 1 Black Side Thrust
> 1 Black Gut Wrench
> 1 Black Draining Aura
> 3 Trunks Strikes
> 3 Trunks Sword Position 4
> 3 Trunks Sword Position 1
> 3 Krillin Takes a Shot
> 2 Captain Ginyu Moves to Attack
> 1 Gohon's Ready
> 1 Gohon's Physical Attack
> 1 Tien's Physical Attack
> 1 Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique
> 1 Android 17's Back Bash
> 1 Goku's Surprise Attack
> 1 Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt
> Energy Combat:
> 1 Black Fore Fist Punch
> 3 Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack
> 1 Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast
> 1 Trunk's Makes Himself Clear
> 1 Good Avice
> 1 Goku's Energy Absorption
> Combat:
> 3 Black Defensive Aura
> 1 Cell's Deffense
> 1 Time Is Warrior's Tool
> Non- Combat:
> 1 Black Takedown Drill
> Earth DragonBalls 1-7
> 1 Vegeta's Smirk
> 1 Vegeta's Plans
> 1 Eyes of the Dragon
> 1 Hero's Lucky Break
> 3 Burning Rage
> 1 Enraged
> 1 Blazing Anger
> 1 Android 20's Search Pattern
> Strategy:
> As you can see this is a Physical Beatdown Deck. My strategy is to get
> to level two as fast as I can then beat my opponent down with my
> physical attacks or go hightest personality victory. Kids say it is a
> cheap way of winning, but I don't I think it is fair either way you win.
> The Tournament: My first opponent played orange style mastery.On my
> first tuen I drew a bunch of anger gaining cards.  A nine turns later I
> won highest personality.1-0 My second opponent played red style mastery.
> Right there new I was going to lose. But it turns out that he had a
> sucky deck. Then ten turns later I had beat him  by highest personality
> victory. 2-0. My next opponent had saiyan style mastery. On his first
> turn he nailed me for ten life cards.Six turns later me him were neck
> and neck in life cards. I was on my third level no anger. He delared
> combat. He attack me with physical attack. I used Time Is Warriors Tool.
> Then nailed him for eight life cards wiht my power. Then I used Captain
> Ginyu's Energy attack. After all that he only had ten life cards left. I
> declared cobat with Trunks makes himself clear. My anger at four. No
> power stages left. Then he nailed me for a physical attack doing
> thrirteen life cards. But the saw I haven't used my power then nailed
> him for the win.3-0. Then I ended up in the fianal four. My first
> opponent was the orange style mastery deck I Had deffeated in the first
> round. He attack me. then when I look a my had I laughed. I had got the
> cards I needed. He hit me for six life cards. Then I played black hug
> maneuver gained two anger. Then he hit me for five life cards. Then I
> played another black hug maneuver gain another two anger.At four anger.
> He ends combat. But seventeen turns later I killed him with my level two
> and three power. 4-0. My next opponent was the same saiyan style mastery
> deck I already played. This game went by fast with me gaining highest
> personality victory. 5-0. I had won the tournerment. I got a villians
> theme deck which I got KIng Kold in and my rare was drills are for the
> weak. I also got two packs. In my first one I got Bulma Earth DragonBall
> Capture and  in the other on I got Piccolo and Heros Gather.