Garlic's Cosmic Whompdown
Jeff Jones
Anderson, South Carolina

1xGarlic Jr.
1xGarlic Jr.
1xGarlic Jr.
Red Style Mastery
3xRed Phasing Drill
3xRed Implosion Drill
3xRed Energy Defense Dril
3xRed Life Attack Drill
3xRed Penetrating Defense Drill
3xAndroid Attack Drill
1xGoku's Heart Desease
3xBurning Rage
1xBlazing Anger
1xA Hospital Stay
3xGravity Chamber
1xCell's Defense
1xTime Is A Warrior's Tool
1xChiaotzu's Psychic Halt
1xVegeta's Physical Stance
1xNappa's Physical Resistance
3xRed Blocking Hand
3xRed Counterstrike
3xHidden Power Level
3xCaptain Ginyu's Energy Attack
1xTrunks Makes Himself Clear
1xLuck Of Trunks
3xRed Energy Disk
3xFreiza's Aura Shot
3xChiaotzu's Glaring Power
3xCell's Energy Blast
3xCell's Dark Attack
3xAndroid 20's Enraged
3xSpice Prepares An Energy Blast
1xGood Advice
3xVegeta's Jolting Slash

Round 1: Jeff vs. Henry. Henry WAS a good friend of mine, until pounded him into submission. He was running a King Cold physical deck. Fwa ha ha fwa ha...ha ha.
Gravity Chamber on turn one was all I needed, then he was down for the count. Two power stages per physical attack. He tried, but fell at honorable attempt.

Round 2: Jeff vs. Mr. Vesson. I'm trying to respectable, since I blasted him into oblivion. He never stood a chance. He was trying to pull off an Orange Frieza deck. It was really easy to take him down, thanks to my powers. After a couple of turns, energy attacks do nothing to me.

Round 9:(3-8 wins)Jeff vs. Sean. The only player to play a blue style mastery that day. He busted out Vegeta Scans The City with his Trunks Calming Crisis deck, but was later disqualified for having namek and earth dragonballs in his deck.

Round 15:(10-14 wins) Jeff vs. Luke. Close match man, let me tell ya. Saiyan style Vegeta(villian). I kept losing power stages, but he was running an energy deck, and had four Planet Vegeta (somehow).I was naturally doing more damage because of my powers and drills. I came out victorious with only two life cards left in my life deck.

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