Super Saiyan Power
mathew schwartz
tournament oct 1, 2001
# of participants 31
gohan 1-3 trunks saga
saiyan mastery
physical combat:
saiyan pressure punchx3
saiyan knee strikex3
saiyan heads upx3
saiyan arm throwx3
saiyan wrist blockx2
saiyan full spin kickx3
saiyan sweeping defensex3
chiatzu's psychic haltx1
energy combat:
saiyan mental energy attackx3
saiyan energy blastx3
saiyan energy throwx3
saiyan planet explosionx3
saiyan rapid deflectionx3
saiyan focusx3
time is a warriors toolx1
drills are for the weakx1
vegeta's suprise defensex3
mothers touchx2
grabbing the tailx3
saiyan truce cardx3
saiyan appraisal maneuverx3
saiyan battle termsx3
saiyan inspectionx3
saiyan power drillx3
vegeta's quickness drillx1
hero's lucky breakx1
foreboding evidencex1
namek dragonballs 1,3,4,5
total of 75 cards
first round:
i was paired against a very weak black mastery. He mabye had a total of five
black cards he was very easy the entire way the only time it got somewhat
hairy is when he recycled a TIAWT for THREE combats other than that it was a
first round: i won!
second round:
this match was more than enough . I finally came against a very strong
nemekian mastery. He kept staying at full which turned my physicals into
scratch.I luckily got my TIAWT out and with a hand full of energy attacks and
him with noncombats on my combat ,i put him in his place. I only won this
match by 18 life cards.
second round : I WON!
third and final match:
boy this was a problem. Meeting a very good Saiyan deck could be a bad thing.
I finally met with a worthy opponent with almost the exact deck. this was the
most even match i have ever been in. we were exchanging blow for blow, block
for block when he did it, he pulled out a BLACK card.... not to mention he
had a saiyan mastery out. He was disqualified in about two seconds ..I won by
i was awarded one trunks box of boosters!!!
third match: oh yah i won again!!
all in all this was a fun tourney/ the tourney was at waterloo/ the rules are
strict but fair
to send questions or coments of my tournament legal deck here's my address
Mathew Schwartz