Main Personality
Garlic Jr.
Garlic Jr., The Master
Garlic Jr., The Monster
Garlic Jr., The Void Master
Physical Attacks
Garlic Jr.'s Kyokiaka Technique X4
Trunks Draws Steel X3
Black Driving Palm Strike X3
Black Flying Kick X3
Red Power Rush X3
Captain Ginyu Moves to Attack X2
Orange Uppercut X2
Orange Arm Bar X2
Android 19's Body Slam X2
Blue Forward Foot Sweep X2
Black Off-Balancing Punch X2
Black Overpowering Attack X2
Red Knife Hand X2
Black Hug Maneuver X2
Red Lightening Slash
Red Front Kick
Red Power Lift
Red Round Kick
Black Anger Stance
Black Driving Leg Thrust
Saiyan Flying Tackle
Black Defensive Burst
Blue Hip Spring Throw
Red Round Throw
Android 18's Low Blow
Orange Hip Throw
Orange One Knuckle Punch
Trunks Strikes
Trunks Sword Position 4
Energy Attacks
Orange Special Beam Cannon
Physical Blocks
Black Finger Block X3
Orange Shoulder Throw X2
Orange Fist Catch
Blue Big Outside Drop
Blue Sidestep
Orange Wrist Flex Takedown
Red Knee Strike
Black Side Kick
Energy Blocks
Orange Thumbs Up
Black Rear Spin Kick
Red Side Kick
Red Burning Stance X3
Blue Softening Stance
Time Is A Warriors Tool
Saiyan Energy Focus X2
Goku's Ready
Power Up More
Saiyan Armor
Dragon Balls
Earth Dragon Ball 1
This deck focuses strongly on physical attacks. It has the 1 energy attack though. iIt has very few blocks because it uses physical attacks to wipeout your foes power stages then life cards. GJ's power helps against energy attackes.