You wassup all i wanna see if anyone will check out my deck and write to
me and see if they want me to change anything etc.I have a good deck and
all but im just is my good killer deck it is good
although it lacks defense cards but it kill like heck.Here it is:

Main Personality:
Garlic Jr. lv1
Garlic Jr. lv2 High tech or regular
Garlic Jr. Lv3

Orange style mastery x1
Orange Energy Glarex1
Orange kamehameha attackx1
Orange Aura Drill x1
Orange Special Beam Cannon x3
Orange Power beam x1
Orange energy phaseing drill x1
Orange Surprise Blast x3
Orange planet desruction x1
Orange Resistance x3
Orange energy blast x1
Tien's mental conditioning x2
Senzu Effect x1
Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack x2
Goku's Righteous Forcex
Hyperbolic Time Chamber x1
Gravity Chamber x2
Cells Dark attack X1
Cells Defense x1
Recoome Boom x1
bulma's looking good x1
Android 19's Distress x1
Android 19's Energy Burst x2
Vegetas Jolting Slash x1
Captain Ginyu Frog x1
Burters Power Stance x2
Cells energy blast x1
Garlic Jrs Kyokaika Technique x4
 Friezas finger tip blast x2
android 20 energy burst x2
Gokus sudder outburst x1
good advice x1
trunks sword position 3 x1
friezas powering rage x4
namek dragonball1 x1
trunks planning drill x1
android 20 is caught off guard x2
Blasted land x1
vegetas gallic gun x1
alien anger x2
kamis floating island x1
a hospital stay x1
captain ginyus visionary attack x1

dodoria Lv1 x1
Frieza the conqueror Lv2 x1
King Cold the destroyer Lv2  x1
Android 20 Lv1 x1

Also notice how all i have is mostly energy attacks.You ask why. it is
because it is a non physical deck because of the gravity
makes physical attacks make the main personality lose 2 stages of power
every time he does a physical attack.I have 2 of them in there so that
is good also.