I am currently running a Namekian Mastery deck. The namekian styleis often bashed , due to it's lack of cards, but there are at least a few good one's and if you have enough namekian cards (about 30) in your deck, you could build a great energy deck!!!
First, let me tell you what the card does. Namekian Mastery, at the beginning of any combat, you may draw the bottom card from your discard pile into your hand, if that card is namekian, power up to full. This is a great card! Some very good decks could be built with that mastery, and trunks saga Piccolo. Plus, for declaring a namekian tokou-waza, you get to have an extra 5 cards in your life deck!!!
For a good energy deck, put about 30 good namekian cards (mostly defenses, or attacks that cause life cards of damage) 30 good energy attacks, 7 earth or namek dragon balls, 7 defenses, and a few good drills, (Jeice's style drill Frieza saga great card) and you'll have a top-notch energy deck!!!
If you have any comments, questions or just plain disagree, e-mail me at jt503@hotmail.com
happy deck making, JT