Hey! This is my Frieza deck and you can disagree but this deck has never lost in a tournament or in any non-tournament battles with tournament rules.

Deck size-75 cards

Main Personality
Frieza the Monster-Level 1
Frieza the Conqueror-Level 2
Frieza the Cyborg-Level 3
Frieza the Revived-Level 4

Black Style Mastery

Physical Combat
Goku's Attack-3
Black Hug Maneuver-3
Tien's Physical Attack-3
Black Overpowering Attack-3
Black Swift Elbow Strike-1
Trunks Cuts Down-1
Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique-1
Black Defensive Burst-2
Black Anger Stance-1
Black Side Kick-1
Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt-1
Vegeta's Physical Stance-1
Black Elbow Strike-1

Energy Combat
Black Energy Web-3
Black Turning Kick-3
Black Jump Turn Kick-2
Black Knife Hand Strike-2
Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack-2
Goku's Energy Absorption-1
Black Axe Heel Kick-3
Black Rear Spin Kick-1

Time Is A Warrior's Tool-1
Cell's Defense-1
Frieza Smiles-2
Black Taunting Attack-2

Black Bear Hug Drill-1
Jeice's Style Drill-1
Black Energy Stamina Drill-1
Black Shadow Drill-1

Burning Rage!-3
Blazing Anger-1
Vegeta's Smirk-1
Don't You Just Hate That-1
Hero's Lucky Break-1
Raditz Flying Kick-1
Goku's Ready-1
Eyes of the Dragon-1
Piccolo's Flight-1
Kami Fades-1

Dragon Balls
Namek Dragon Balls 1-7

Android 17

As I said this deck has never lost and there is a good reason. One this deck may not have many defenses, but it can win quickly by Dragon Ball, Anger, or tuff it out with survival. It is 26-0 since I started and I won't change it. Thanks for reading it. Bye!