Deck Name:The Vegeta Family Deck(From Frank and Benny screwed up world ^_^())
My Name: Frank Arien Pichel
Miami,Florida USA
Date of Tournament:9/30/01

Saoyan Style Mastery

Main Personality:
lvl 1 Trunks
lvl 2 Trunks, The Swordsman
lvl 2 Silver  Trunks, The Saiyan
lvl 3 Super Saiyan Trunks

Physical Combat:
1 Orange Straight Jab
1 Trunks sword Position 1  
1 Trunks Sword Position 2
1 Trunks Sowrd Position 4
2 Saiyan Left Kick
1 Trunks Slash
1 Trunks Strikes
1 Black Defensive Burst
2 Red lifting Kick
1 Straining Jump Kick Move
1 Saiyan Sweeping Defense
1 Android 18's Low Blow
1 Vegetas Physical Stance
1 Trunks High Strike
1 Red Elbow Strike
1 Orange Sword Slash
1 Gohans Ready
1 Blue Defesive Flight
1 Saiyan Destiny
1 Gohans Physical Attack
1 Blue Side Step
1 Trunks Swiftly Moving
1 Trunks Draws Steel

Energy Combat:
2 Saiyan Glare
1 Trunks Sword Position 3  
2 Blue Glare Attack
2 Energy Shield
1 Saiyan Focus
1 Straining Focusing Move
1 Blue Energy Flight  

1 Trunks Energy Sphere
1 Black taunting Attack
1 red Blazing Aura
1 Blue Softening Stance
1 Vegetas Energy Attack

Non Combat:
1 Blue Battle Readiness
1 Trunks Effortless Drill
1 Saiyan Conecentration
1 Orange Power Shifting Drill
1 Black Confusion Drill
1 Blue Idea
1 Preview 5 Too late
1 Saiyan Inspection
1 Black Stuying Drill
1 Bulmas Looking Good
1 Bulmas Scouter
1 Orange Aura Drill
1 Trunks Planning Drill
1 Vegeta Scans The City
1 Red Gravity Drill

Gravity Chamber
Strategy: As you can plainily see, this deck is about Blocking and countering. Also Lowering your Apponents Anger level, and destroying alot of their Life Cards. One card in this deck, alows you to power up to your highest level. Thats exactly what you wan't to do. Every one that I've used this deck against, say that, this is what a deck should really be.

The Tournament: In the Fist Match, The Guy Used Orange Style Mastery. But most of his attack were dead on hits, so i easily Blocked them, and gained Victory. 1-0
In the second match, his deck was an all Goku deck, it was kinda hard, but I beat him, just to prove that Vegeta is the best there is. 2-0 In The Third Match, the guy had the same exact deck as me, same Charcter same Location, same exact Cards. They disqualified him, for copy, since he saw me play before, and some kids told the manager, that they saw him building a deck before the third match. So I won that  match easily. 3-0 In the fourth Match, I wen't up against one of my Friends! He had an all Gohan Deck! I nearly lost , but thanks to my Trunks Sword Position 3, I won. 4-0 In the fifth round, a 35 year old man, very scary looking. I blocked all of his attacks, destroyed all of his life cards, and completely lowered his Anger level to -20. I finally won the tournament. I Got thre Android Saga Packs and a Trunks Saga pack which I'm gonna gice to my cousin Benny. In The Packs i got, Cells Threatening Positon, Yamcha Level 4, and Orange eye Beam. Please Dun Copy my deck! >< Thank You ^_^  

                                                                                    -Frank Arien Pichel