Piccolo the Unbeatable
Deck by Lucas Wallace
Virginia Beach, Virginia
October 7, 2001
# of people participated in tournament:  12
Level-1 Piccolo, the Avenger
Level-2 HT Piccolo
Level-3 Piccolo the Hero
Namekian Style Mastery
Energy Combat Cards:
1 Garlic Jr's Energy Blast
3 Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast
2 Goku's Super Saiyan Blast
3 Frieza's Aura Shot
3 Yamcha's Skillful Defense
1 Nappa's Energy Aura
1 Goku's Energy Absorption
1 Good Advice
Physical Combat Cards:
3 Namekian Elbow Smash
3 Namekian Forearm Smash
1 Vegeta's Physical Stance
3 Namekian Wrist Grab
4 Namekian Defensive Stance
1 Nappa's Physical Resistance
4 Namekian Blocking Defense
1 Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt
1 Piccolo's Physical Defense
Combat Cards:
3 Android 18's Stare Down
3 Vegeta's Surprise Defense
1 Namekian Friendship
1 Time Is A Warrior's Tool
1 Mother's Touch
1 Cell's Defense
1 Trunks Energy Sphere
Non-Combat Cards:
2 Bulma's Looking Good
1 An Amusing Trick
3 Android 19's Distress
1 Severe Bruises
1 Frieza Is Ready
1 Goku's Ready
1 Earth Dragon Ball 5
1 Vegeta Scans The City
1 Foreboding Evidence
3 Android 20 Is Caught Off Guard
3 Namekian Focusing Effort
1 Awful Abrasions
1 Namek Dragon Ball Wish
2 Android 20's Search Pattern
1 Hero's Lucky Break
1 Piccolo's Flight
1 Goku's Heart Disease
1 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
1 Level-1 Captain Ginyu
1 Level-1 Android 18
Winter Countryside
Sup DBZ fans!  This is my Namekian Piccolo deck, and if you have the cards to make it, you will have a deck very hard to beat.  First off, this deck can resist every kind of deck.  Plenty of cards to regenerate the discard pile, recycling your attacks over and over.  The Namekian Mastery helps keep you at full, despite the fact that there aren't a whole lot of Namekian Style cards in this deck.  With Vegeta's Quickness Drill out in play, you can draw two extra cards without wearing your life deck down like most Saiyan decks do.  This is how this deck easily handles Saiyan decks.  Black Style decks along with Orange have no chance against this deck due to the fact of all of the defenses in this deck along with the regeneration. 
Some of the best defenses are in this deck, including Yamacha's Skillful Defense, Time Is A Warrior's Tool, Goku's Super Saiyan Blast, and Vegeta's Surprise Defense and others.  Anger decks will have problems because I have thrown in this deck:  Awful Abrasions, Severe Bruises, Goku's Heart Disease, Winter Countryside, and Vegeta Scans the City.  Other cards in this deck also lower anger.  Blue decks don't stand a chance because this deck does not focus one bit on anger.  An Amusing Trick is also in here to fight ally decks.  Anyways, here is what happened in the tournament:

Round 1:  In the first round I faced the kind of deck that I have expected:  a Red Goku deck.  He had a quick start and jumped to level-2 but the light stopped shining for him when I rendered his mastery useless by attaching Awful Abrasions then Severe Bruises to him in one combat.  He tried to win by his other way of winning:  Dragon Ball.  The Namekian Style Physical attacks however allowed me to steal them and my defenses kept him from stealing them back and I soon enough finished him off.
Round 2:  This guy actually gave a decent fight.  He was competing with a Black Vinegar deck, with the HT Level-1 Promo.  His power constantly made me lose life cards, but I constantly recovered them with regeneration.  His power seemed to be the only successful attack he could perform on me, due to my defenses, and his deck barely consisted of defenses so the match went by pretty quick.  The end of the battle went like this:  I used Namekian Forearm Smash to do 6 life cards of damage, he used Frieza Is Ready; I took 12.  I returned the favor with my own Frieza Is Ready making him take 24.  That ended the match, me being victorious.
Round 3:  The deck I have faced this round was not as much of a threat as the round before because it focused too much on anger.  It was a Red Frieza deck.  This deck did not focus on damage or having any additional way of winning, in case the anger part got messed up.  He got already to level-3 before long, but he went back down to level-2 and felt the wrath of Goku's Heart Disease before it was too late.  He didn't have any allies in his deck, so this was his downfall.  He was rendered helpless for the remainder of the round, leaving me victorious.
FINAL ROUND:  Finally, the final round of the tourney came.  My opponent was a friend of mine I knew, who had an awesome Saiyan deck.  This match lasted a very long time.  Our regeneration kept the both of us alive to last so long.  Since a lot of the good defense cards are removed from the game after use, he ran out of lots of his defense, while mine stayed strong.  He began being not able to block my attacks and took lots of damage.  He eventually lost because of this and I claimed my first place prize, which was a box of android saga boosters.
Those were my results from the tourney.  I am excellent at deck-building and so if you do need tips, e-mail me at DoubleMethod01@aol.com  til then.