Decking Power Deck

Josh Jobe  
Comic Quest  
Evansville, IN  
Sept. 29, 2001  
# 7 Players/ double-elimination tournament

Lv. 1-3 Captain Ginyu

Namek DBís 1-7/5th-F


            Non-Combat Cards

1 A Hospital Stay

1 Power Up ĖF

1 Power Up More

1 Power Up Most

1 Gohanís Anger

1 King Cold Smiles

1 Roshiís Calming

1 King Kaiís Calming-F

1 Vegeta Scans The City

1 A Heroís Heart Is Strong

1 Frieza Is Ready

1 Cells Threatening Position



1 Black Energy Stamina Drill

1 Orange Energy Dan Drill x1-F

1 Orange Joint Restraint Drill

1 Blue Cradle Drill

            Combat Cards

2 Tail Grows Back

1 Vegetaís Surprise Defense

1 Captain Ginyu Frog

1 Time Is A Warriors Tool-F

1 Black Taunting Attack

            Battle Grounds and Locations

1 Dying Planet

1 Gravity Chamber

1 Winter Country Side

            Physical Attacks

3 Tienís Physical Attack

1 Gokuís Attack

1 Red Lifting Kick

1 Garlic Jr.ís Kyokaika Technique

3 Gohans Physical Attack-1 F

1 Red Back Kick

3 Black Side Kick

1 Red Knee Strike

2 Orange Shoulder Throw-1 F

1 Orange Fist Detonation

1 Orange Holding After Takedown

1 Nappaís Physical Resistance

1 Vegetaís Physical Resistance-F

1 Chaiotzuís Psychic Halt

            Energy Attacks

3 Spice Prepares An Energy Blast

2 Orange Kamehemeha Attack

1 Friezaís Aura Shot

1 Blue Stance

1 Good Advice

1 Blue Energy Flight

1 Captains Ginyuís Energy Atack-F

1 Orange Palm Blast

1 The Luck Of Trunks

1 Black Turning Kick

3 Black Axe Heel Kick-1 F

1 Gokuís Energy Absorption

1 Saiyan Planet Explosion

1 Nappaís Energy Aura



First off I used Captain Ginyu because I couldnít find a starter personality, now.

This deck works well against any mastery style deck- Red- w/ 6 cards that lower their MP Lv, along w/ lowering anger cards not really a problem.  Though Saiyan style masteryís work alright against it, this deck can still defeat it.  It focuses on Decking your opponent (taking all their life cards) in which it does a minimum of 97 life cards of damage- Not including extra from MP powers and Physical attacks. Plus w/ normal drawing cards, drains them quickly.  Plus it has a combo to make it where they donít have any discard pile.  -Sorry, but you donít get to recycle cards-L. Has many cards that stop damage for remainder of combat.  Good defenses.  Has enough anger to raise you to Lv. 4(though I didnít have one.)

All 7 Namek DBís.  Physical attacks a threat, gravity chamber can stop that quickly, and with hardly any physical attack-that card is not much a threat to yourself.

Over all a very good deck.

Game 1- Namekian Mastery

Piccolo MP

This one wasnít that hard the only problem was his deck focused A LOT on recycling, now I did get out Dying Planet but didnít get A Heroís Heart Is Strong.  Mainly physical attacks, few energy.  I got up to Lv. 3 but he was still stronger at 1.  He had about 20 cards left when I drew my last 3 cards and they were DBís.  But it wasnít a hard deck, just to much recycling. So I lost that one

Game 2- Saiyan Mastery

Super Saiyan Gohan MP

This game was an easy one.  I got up to Lv. 3 again and he was still at 1.  He had me down close to zero a lot, but I was still able to deck him without any real problem because w/ the gravity chamber he didnít get to high power for me either.  I only had a few DBís out. And the game went pretty quick.

Game 3- Black Mastery

Krillin MP

This game wasnít to hard either. But on my first hand I drew 3 DBís!! The game was done in like 5-10 min though.  I pretty much decked him again. There really wasnít much to it, I didnít get out Dying planet but I did get out Gravity chamber which helped a lot along w/ his MP wasnít to powerful.

Game 4- Namekian Mastery.

This game was against the same guy I faced in my first game.  But to Gods good grace, I was able to get out Dying planet in my FIRST draw!  But half way through the game he got out Kamiís Floating Island or something like that.  But was able to get rid of that w/ Winter Countryside.  I ended up winning by DB victory.  We both had about ľ of our deck left and on my turn I drew my last DB.   I still had quite a lot of Energy attacks left along w/ cards that powered me up.

Game 5- Saiyan Style Mastery.(final round)

Super Saiyan Gohan MP

Different kid.  This game was so horrible, he cleaned my clock.  Ok it started off ok and I was able to do some good energy attacks, but by his 2nd turn he was getting cards that ended combat and he kept his cards, so like by his 3rd turn he had like 14 cards in his hand, no joke.  After that I went down hill, he pretty much always kept me at zero w/ the mastery and huge +10 physical attacks.  So he decked me in the end. 

My record ended up being 3-2, I got. I got 2nd place.  Now I have changed it to a Black Style Mastery, but my deck is still the exactly same thing, all I did was change my other colored cards for black cards that do the exactly same thing.  I may report that later.

Josh Jobe