Cosmic Backlash Tips- Jordan Stone
        Ok, well everyone knows that Backlash is one of the 2 instant victories. And everyone running a Backlash deck knows it goes great with Krillin's Solar Flare and Android 18's Cell Sage level 1 personality. ( And some people know how well it goes with the card stunned.) But think about this.......
  Imagine that in your hand, you have 1 Cosmic Backlash, 1 Krillin's Solar Flare, an Android 18 Stare Down, and a Red Shielded Strike. All thanks to Android 18's personality power. Also,  First thing you do, is play Red Sheilded Strike. Even if he stops it, atleast you got 1 of his defenses away. Next thing you do is play Android 18's Stare Down to get rid of any defenses your opponent might have to stop Krillin's Solar Flare. After that, you play Krillin's Solar Flare. If it works, you have a good chance of getting the Backlash to work, and an even better chance if your opponent didnt block your Red Sheilded Strike.