This article is about 1 card and it's Many uses
Cell Saga Android 18 Level 1
everyone knows how good this card is, for one it allows you to set up your next hand. Thats a DEFINITE plus. It works great in Backlash decks and DV decks. for one, if you had a Backlash saved from last turn, u could use 18's personality power to get 2 Krillin's Solar Flare and maybe an Android 18's Stare down. one of the most perfect 4 card hands you could have for a Backlash deck. As for the DV deck. You would have have wut I call an anger shifting deck, a deck with a lot of cards that change anger. If u had your opponents and your anger in the right spot, which is not as hard as it sounds. You could easily dominate the game choosing the right 3 cards for your next hand. ( using Android 18's personality power) wut makes it even better is that DV is combat card.
Krillin's heat seaking Blast
power: Energy attack. This attack cannot be stopped or prevented
Well for starters, this card works great with Black Energy Stamina drill, which means it works great with Energy Beatdown decks too. Use a MP with a high pur and this is a ferocious card. If u have all of the conditions above, then that mean you are producing an Energy attack doing an average of maybe about 3.4.or 5 power stages of damage, and only costing 1 power stage to perform. Also i am pretty sure this card isnt restricted in any way. not to mention that if you are running The Android 18 level 1. You could put Android attack drill in play, and maybe a Mastery adding even more damage. It's being so harsh to your opponent it's not even funny! Well, yes it is. HA! HA! HA!