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Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2003 6:44 PM
Subject: Tournament Report
Saiyan Broly Hybrid Deck
Patrick Lambdin
Centerville, Ohio
September 13, 2003
Schumer's Cards and Comics
# of participants: about 15
Main Personality: (4)
x1 Broly (lv 1 BS)
x1 Broly, Super Saiyan
x1 Broly, Empowered
x1 Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan
Mastery: (1)
x1 Saiyan Style Mastery (CS)
Sensei Deck: (6)
x1 South Kai Sensei
x1 Saiyan Headshot
x1 Huh???
x2 Black Scout Maneuver
Allies: (2)
x1 Paragus
x1 Android 14
Dragonballs: (1)
x1 Alternate Dende 3
Energy Combat: (21)
x1 Saiyan Hand Swipe
x1 Goku's Energy Absorption
x2 Saiyan Energy Surprise
x2 Saiyan Planet Explosion
x2 Saiyan Energy Aura
x2 Saiyan Kamehameha
x2 Saiyan Power
x3 Saiyan Focus
x3 Saiyan Might
x3 Saiyan Explosion
Physical Combat: (37)
x1 Vegeta's Physical Stance
x1 Nappa's Physical Resistance
x1 Saiyan Wrist Block
x2 Saiyan Lightning Dodge
x2 Saiyan Sweeping Defense
x2 Saiyan Destiny
x2 Saiyan Face Smash
x2 Saiyan Cross Punch
x3 Majin Buu's Choke Hold
x3 Saiyan Blocking Technique
x3 )V(ajin Vegeta's Frantic Attack
x3 Saiyan Flying Tackle
x3 Saiyan Power Kick
x3 Saiyan Flying Kick
x3 Saiyan Triple Kick
x3 Saiyan Heads Up
Combat: (12)
x1 Battle Pausing
x1 Cell's Defense
x1 Android 17 Smirks
x1 The Power of the Dragon
x1 Cell's Threatening Position
x1 Time is a Warrior's Tool
x1 Broly's Overwhelming Attacks
x2 Stunned
x3 Android 18's Stare Down
Non-Combats: (5)
x1 Android 20's Absorbing Drill
x1 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
x1 Severe Bruises
x2 Saiyan Inspection
Battlegrounds/Locations: (1)
x1 City in Tormoil
First Round: Me vs. Gary
    This match was pretty one-sided. Gary was playing a freestyle buu beatdown, and he was doing pretty bad. His deck was basically a starter deck. Every attack he through at me I blocked. I basically beat him in the first four hand using a mix of physicals and energies.( I landed every Saiyan Cross Punch I played) I don't think he won any of his games that tourney. :)
Me: 1-0
Second Round: Me vs. Adam
    OHHHHHH CRAP! I was afraid I was going to play Adam. He's plays the famous Namekian Bling Deck :( I used to play this deck, but it gets boring after awhile beating everybody who plays you. The good thing was since I've played it before i knew how to minipulate it. Well since are power levels were both low we tossed a die. Yes! I got to go first and got to get 14 with South Kai. I knew he didn't have any anti- ally so I was in good shape and could stunned him whenever I pleased.This was a long game so I can't descibe every detail. On my second turn i placed down Absorbing and passed. He would enter time to time and he kept setting up his discard pile with SSE at the bottom. I would hit him with physicals occasionally getting him down to zero but he had power up cards like Namekian Focusing Effort and sensu effect and I got to hit him with some energies. Eventully I had gotten to lv2 and was doing awesome. Hiting him a little bit more. He lowered me down withh CTP, but of course I leveled right back up. Time was running out! I was I was doing great but my mastery was taking it's toll. We were pretty even but in the long run I would never make it becuase he had some regeneration cards. Then I got to lv3, and with his regeneration abilty, I might make it. I had VQD, and was re-piling my deck. His deck was now starting to look puny. I drew stunned. I kept it and passed. He passed I entered with like stunned, SOme Saiyan Energy attack and like physical attacks hoping to draw attacks with my mastery.We were tied at this point, my deck with basically no blocks. I had to take the risk.  I had no other combats so It was do or die I played it. If he blocked it game over. He drew it. He started hitting me and he blocked all my Physical attacks w/ NPR and I was at zero so no energies. The game endedhe had like 17 life cards left. He said my deck was awesome and I did 1000% better than I expected.
Third Round: Me vs. Ryan (my brother)
    I'm a little bit more skilled then my brother so I was pretty confident. He was playing a orange Mariakoh physical beat down. This game was interesting. I started off Playing 14 w/ SKS and placed VQD and passed. He entered almost every time it was his turn. I was drawing no blocks, but still beating the crud out of him. About half way threw the match we were even. I was impressed with his deck. Then I got to level 3 and was regenerating like crazy. While restcking my deck I was hitting him, but in the long run I killed him. It was a ggod match.
Me: 2-1
Fourth and Final Round: Me vs. Aaron
    I really didn't feel like facing an anger deck. He was playing red cs gohan anger. I can usually control the anger decks, but sometimes I get unlucky. Well anyway, It was pretty even he leveled up like 2nd turn. I got severe bruises into play. I entered played it on him, but he really didn't seem to care. I was surprised but this deck was also a beefy physical beatdown. H got alternate 2 out and red gambit which was annoying.  Eventully I Saiyan Inspectioned him to get rid of the stupid power. He was beating the crap out of me. I had like 20 cards at this point and he had like 45. I drew an awesome hand TAIWT, and to android 18 stare downs. I drew like 2 Cross punches and a destiny.  And then got rid of all blocks and attacks with the staredowns. ( was at zero at the start of combat and only had 3 cards during this combat) By the end of combat He was at 2 life cards he drew and lost.
Me: 3-1
In the final round I guess adam lost to an anger deck (don't ask!).
I got 2 buu saga packs for prizes first packs was crap but my second pack I pulled Majin Buu 5 Ultra rare!
-Getting third place.
- Almost beating adam.
- Found out my Broly deck rocked (It was an expiremental deck, I tought I would die in the tourney)
- Got Majin Buu 5 Ultra Rare
- Getting Broly 1 (Non movie promo right before tourney the started)
- Also getting Broly's Overwhelming attacks
-Had a great come back against Aaron
- Went 3-1
-Losing to Adam
Overall it was the best tournement ever!!!!!
My name is Patrick Lambdin
Contact me at