Subject: PTT Nemakian energy Beat down. Well here it is Time to get Ready for the last big 4 tourney and i want a final opinion! Help me ouit would ya!
We'll it has finally come the last chance to go to the grand kai invetational. I am very nervous. But I have worked long and hard on my piccolo the namekian energy beat down deck. Now all i need is some advice heh. I'll take all the tips you can give me. Besides you have seen these decks at worlds you know how they should function.
PTT Energy Beatdown
Sensei South Kai X5 limit
3x Goku's Blinding Strike
Master - TS
Piccolo, The Trained
Piccolo 2-3 WG
Piccolo 4 MB
1x Fatherly Advice
1x Vegeta's Quickness Drill
1x Expectant Trunks
1x Frieza's Ready
Dragon Balls
1x Namek Dragon Ball 4
Energy Combats
1x Frieza's Force Bubble
3x Namekian Energy Deflection
3x Namekian Energy Catch
1x Goku's Energy Absorption
1x Nappa's Energy Aura
3x Namekian Strike
2x Namekian Finger Blast
3x Vegeta's Focused Blast
3x Piccolo's Power Blast
3x Villian's True Power (good for driving out there defences early)
3x Namekian Energy Beam
4x Piccolo's Power Ball
Physical Combat
1x Vegeta's Physical Stance
1x Nappa's Physical Resistance
3x Namekian Ducking Tech.
3x Pikkon's Leg Catch
3x Gohan's Kick
3x Android 18 Stare Down
1x Namekian Energy Focus
1x Super Saiyan Effect
1x Time Is A Worrior's Tool
2x Trunks Energy Sphere
1x Injured Curcuits
1x Battle Pausing
1x Android 14 (A must in any villain Deck)
There it is. I have worked long and hard and finally got it hopw i think it should be but please look it over. You have seen what the decks at worlds did 1st and 2nd place and you more then anybody should know what works. let me know what you think and what i can do to make it better. I am trying to get ready for the tournament in St. Louise If i can win it well then i get to go to the invetational. so tell me all you can. and get back to me asap. thanks you guys are as always the best. I looks forward to your reply.