Subject: Greenish Red-Tim Hiland
Piccolo, Majunior
Piccolo, The Mentor
Piccolo, The Former Guardian
Piccolo, The Namek

Red Style Mastery (WG)

North Kai

-Dragon Balls-
Dende Dragon Balls 1-7

Red Forward Stance Drill x1
Android 20 Asorbing Drill x1

It's Just Not Worth It! x1
Goku's Heart Disease x1
Goku's Lucky Break x1
Vegeta's Plans x1

Red Energy Focus x3
SmokeScreen x3
Up Close, and Personal x2
Android 18's Stare Down x1 (I only have 1)
Cell's Defense
Dream Fighting x1

Android 18
Vegeta, The Powerful

-Energy Attacks-
Red Ball Throw x3
Red Energy suspension x3
Red Energy Disk Blasting x3
Red Vigor Orb x3
Red Spiked Blast x2
Red Thrusting Blast
Red Rapid Energy x2
Krillin's Solar Flare x1
Last Ditch Effort x1

-Physical Attacks-
Red Power Lift x3
Goku's Physical Attack x2

-Energy Def-
Red Slide x3
Red Side Kick x3
Red Resistance x2
Straining Focusing Move x1
Frieza's Force Bubble

-Physical Def-
Red Power Block x2
Red Fist Catch x3
Red Creative Block x3
Pikkon's Leg Catch x2
Vegeta's Physical Stance
Nappa's Physical Resistance
Red Physical Fortification

Tim Hiland here...
Okie,  Hullo!  Well, heres muh deck...Its energy beatdown.....I choose piccolo for my MP, I have such little anger im mostly on lvl one, so Im Rej. atleast 3 cards every combat...Dende dragon balls help out a lot also....Basicly, in all....Energy Beat down, and Rej ^^....