Subject: Deck That I built

Hello, my name is Robert Evans.  In Rossville, GA, I'm the best of the best when it comes to DBZCCG.  I have a group that I play with, and I'm always teaching them things and showing them combos and what not.  Offical tourniments are non-existant here, but i've played in a few retail store tournies, each time (with one exception) I got first place.  The exception to that was one where the lady running it was just there to let her kid win, with a stacked deck of 125 cards and defense cards in his lap.  I forfieted.  I'm very creative with decks, so I will send them in, and ask your opinons, any tweaks and things I could do.  Thank you for view my deck, and I hope to get some good advice or comments back.  Thank you.  Email is

Main Personality:

Super Sayian Trunks [M23], Trunks, The Swordsmen [T186], Trunks, Times Hero [C195HT], Trunks, The Powerful [C127]

Saiyan Style Mastery [Buu146], North Kai Sensai [WG140]

In Sensai Deck:  Saiyan Head Shot [B120], Saiyan Pressure Technique (2) [Buu145], Sayian Overcharged Blast (2) [Fus119]

Combat Cards:  Time is a Warriors Tool [T30], Super Sayian Effect [TPreview4], Brothers in Training [WGPreview5], Dazed [Fus98], Overcharged (2) [Fus70], Up Close and Personal (2) [Fus27], Reserves (2) [CCPP4]

Non-combat/Locations/Battlegrounds: Saiyan Inspection (2) [A36], Hero's Lucky Break [T119], Blasted Land [A7], Majin Buu's Stomach [Fus61]

Physical Combat: Saiyan Perfect Defense [Fus85], Saiyan Snap Kick (2) [Buu34], Saiyan Neutralization (2) [Fus20], Saiyan Destiny (2) [A81], Saiyan Light Jab (3) [WG112], Saiyan Flying Kick (2) [C60], Saiyan Defensive Sphere [WG32], Saiyan Wrist Block (2) [A80], Saiyan Lightning Dodge (2) [A111], Saiyan Knee Block (3) [CG27], Saiyan Left Kick (2) [A79], Saiyan Hand Swipe (2) [Buu33], Trunks Swiftly Moving (3) [T99], Saiyan Face Smash (2) [CG 96], Saiyan Escape (2) (BPreview2), Saiyan Power Block (2) [B29]

Energy Combat: Supreme Kai Ki Push (3) [Buu148], Saiyan Triple Blast (3) [CG29], Saiyan Jump Shot (2) [WG110], Saiyan Energy Suprise (2) [CG25], Saiyan Might (2) [B28], Saiyan Explosion (2) [Fus82], Gohans Left Energy Release (2) [Fus53], Heroic Effort (2) [Fus9], Saiyan Strength Blast (2) [Buu109], Saiyan Energy Ball (2) [WG33], The Luck of Trunks [FPreview5], Good Advice [FPreview4], Saiyan Focus [A77], Saiyan Power Beam (3) [Buu108]

The general stratigy is patience and energy assualt.  There isn't much in the way of Dragon Ball Defense, but there are open spaces in which I can put some stuff, on top of that, this thing takes dragon balls easily with its energy barrage.  Its all about timing the cards just right.  Experienced plays will appreicate the amount of thought this deck requires to play.  Passing on combat is key to surviving a game.  This isn't a head to head deck.  The Ki Pushes are there for massive damage.  You will usually have enough defense draining cards to pull that one off, and using the buu saiyan master, you advance stages quickly.  The only real weakness of the deck is Trunks doesn't have a good stage 2.  I've been considering replacing the Trunks Saga one with the Cell Saga one, but it falls out of the defensive pattern no matter which one I use.  This deck has won me 2 tourniments.  It currently stands undefeated, but I've not gone against very experienced players with it.  Please tell me what you think and give me advice or ideas for tweaking.  If I like what I get, I will post more of my decks.

Again, teh E-mail is Thanks for your time.  Enjoy the deck.