Subject: Blue Trunks Dragonball
MP- Trunks 1-3 CS

Mastery- Blue Style Mastery CS

Sensei- West Kai Sensei

BattleGrounds/Locations- World Tournament

Dragonballs- Dende Dragonballs 1-7

Non-Combats/Drills- Goku's Capturing Drill
                              Android 20 Absorbing Drill
                              Blue Mental Drill
                              Piccolo and Heroes Gather x2
                              Expectant Trunks
                              The Truck
                              Krillin's Concetration
                              Vegeta's Smirk
                              Hercule's Close Save
                              Goku's Lucky Break
                              Krillin's Trick
                              Android 20's Search Pattern x2
                              Watching From Afar x2
                              Bulma's Scouter
                              Vegeta's Plans
                              Namek Dragonball Wish
Combats- Blue Leaving x3
               Goku's Dragonball Quest
               TES x4
               The Power of the Dragon
               Sneaky Tricks
               Bracing for Impact

Physical Attacks- Blue Pivot Kick
                           Blue Betrayal x2

Physical Defense- VPS
                            Blue Wrist Block x2
                            Blue Leverage

Energy Attacks- Blue Terror
                         Android 18's Effect

Energy Defense- NEA
                         Goku Swiftly Moving
                         Blue Sliding Dodge x2
                         Blue Sidestep x2

Alright Obv. this deck needs to lose some cards to bring the count down a bit but thats not the point. Anyway, this deck is just basic Dragonball Victory. The Search Patterns are for if my oppenent might Sensei in "HUH???" So in that case I just wait to get my Search Pattern to remove that, than I just turbo out the balls. Yes, I know I am missing a few cards I need for the deck like 1 more Capturing Drill, and a Battle Pausing ect ect. But, this deck won me my first tournament, so I think it is quite good. So far though it is only having real trouble against Black Manipulation, and Freestyle, and those are the only deck-types that this deck has ever lost too so far, so it needs some work in those areas. And thats about all I have to say.