Subject: Blue Buu Mastery
This Mastery is one to be reckoned with. It houses strong leverage between offense as well as defense, which is hard to come by with Masteries these days. Of course this deck has a few weakness, like anti-prevention and North Kai Sensei, but the strategy itself is formidable enough for tournament play. I havent given it a shot yet in tourneys myself, but when i play with my friends i use the hi-tech majin Buu (the primarily defensive one). It's constant combat power is why i use him - he prevents 2 life cards fromm all attacks performed against you. Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast is all that usually gets through to me, because my friends don't use North Kai Sensei. Let me recap what the mastery does for those who do not know:

Blue Style MAstery (Buu Saga Rare)
All your Blue physical attacks do +2 life cards of damage.
During your "Defender Defends" phase, you may remove any number of Blue Styled cards in your discard pile from the game instead of using a defense. For each Blue Styled card removed, prevent 2 life cards of damage from the attack.

With that said, one can see that Blue Prevention Drill would increase that to preventing 3 life cards for each card removed. Even the most powerful energy attacks would be doused with only a few cards, even without the drill. With this and Majn Buu, I have a good balance of offense and defense. If you think my aim is way off with the play value of this card, or if you think I could improve upon the deck theory, you can email me at (Obviously, don't send an email that says "it sucks!")