Ted Battaglio
Vegeta's Final flash
Tourney Location Conshohocken Pa
Tourney date 10/17/01
#of people 12
Rounds 6 single elimination


Personalities Hero
lv.1 Vegeta the Ready
lv2Vegeta the powerful
lv3Vegeta in Training
lv4 Vegeta the saiyan prince
Krillin lv1 trunks saga
Gokulv2 trunks saga
Red Style Mastery
Energy combat
Red energy blastx 2
Red energy shieldx3
spice prepares an energy blastx3
captain ginyus energy attackx3
red kienzan discsx2
nappas energy aurax1
physical combat
red power rushx2
red palm heel strikex1
red reverse punchx1
red front kickx1
red face upheavelx2
red elbow strikex1
red implosion lungex3
captain ginyu moves to attackx2
trunks sword position1x3
Gohans readyx2
Gohans physical attackx1
Nappas physical resistancex1
red blazing aurax2
trunks energy spherex1
non combat
earth db4
earth db 5
burning ragex3
blazing angerx1
eyes of the dragonx1
tiens mental conditioningx2
Gokus readyx1
red gravity drillx3
red tactical drillx1
android absorbing drillx1
Android 20's search patternx1
Words of Wisdom from King kai
just use all your anger raiseing cards and you'll be fine.
 When using android 20's search pattern name the card anger decks despise
Goku's heart disease
Also look out for cells threatning position and awful
Don't worry about mpp victory you can win by survival due to vegetas
awesome power.
Round 1
Red style Goku deck red style mastery
I knew this was going to be a short battle considering we both had red
decks on turn 1 i drew burning rage blazing anger and earth dragon ball4
he had a big hand but i ended combat and got to lv 2 next turn i drew red
power rush red reverse punch and red front kick i used my power then he
hit me for 1 life card i used all my attacks and did 18 life cards I
gained another lv hit him for 7
next turn i won by survival
Round 2
saiyan deck gohan saiyan mastery
ohh boy he was pycho in card drawing kami's floting island vegetas quick
drill gohans power saiyan master he had 13 cards on turn 1 (namek db1
namek db3)
I drew a good hand gaining a lv his card advantage didn't bother me i had
gotten 40 life cards on turn 2 in damage his massive card drawing back
fired and i finished him off with vegeta lv 3's power
Round 3
black deck Frieza black style mastery
This guy was tuff Turn one he hit me for 25life cards i gained my lv but
he ran me down to 5 life cards by turn 2 i felt screwed but i was able to
get nappas physical resistance and lock him to gain a level i was at
level 3 2 anger i drew earth db4 i gained 2 anger and before he hit me i
ended combat next turn i used red mastery and won by mpp
this was close
Round 4
Blue deck trunks blue style mastery
My thoughts were i'm dead he pulled winter countryside which made red
mastery useless i had 5 anger on turn 2 when he dropped it with blue foot
stomp i was still at lv 1 but lucky for me he had no attacks that could
scratch me i got red upheavel and discarded his winter countryside it was
easy after that on turn 4 i won by survival his weak pur didn't help much
round 5
Orange deck vinegar orange style mastery
This guy was tough he hit me for 18 on turn one i got 1 lv with 2 anger
on turn 2 i used king colds end and got another lv he hit me for 30 i
recycled back he ran out of power stages and i beated him down into
submission i won on turn 2 by survival
Final round
Namekdeck nail namekian style mastery
1 turn he hit full i couldn't even dent him with lv 2 vegeta's power so i
used my kienzan discs and energy attacks.On turn 2 he was weakened he
stood no chance when i got to lv3 i got him with my lv 3 power i won on
turn 2 by survival.
I got 3 androids boosters my rares were yajirobe blue terror and red
tactical drill which i added to my deck.
PLEASE post my deck it went up against awesome grade A decks.
Ted battaglio