Vegeta is da prince
Duncan Simpson
10 people particepated in the tournament

Deck Contains
Vegeta 1 The Ready
Vegeta2 the powerful
Vegeta3 the trained
Vegeta4 saiyin saga
Saiyin Style Mastery

Trunks 2 the swordsman

Physical Combat

Saiyin Pressure Punch x3
Saiyin Knee Strike x3
Saiyin Left Kick x3
Goku's Suprise Attack x3
Trunk's sword position 4 x3
Gohan's Physical Attack x3
Android 19's Body Slam x3
Tien's Physical Attack x3
Saiyin Destiny x1
Saiyin Flying Tackle x1
Goku's Physical Attack x1
Goku's Training x1
Goku's Battle Ready x1
Goku's Attack x1
Trunks cuts down x1
Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique x1
Straining Jump Kick Move x1


Saiyin Wrist Block x3
Saiyin Lightning Dodge x3
Saiyin Sweeping Defense x1
Vegeta's Physical Stance x1
Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt x1

Energy Combat


Saiyin Focus x3
Saiyin Energy Defense x2
Saiyin Energy Aura x1

Vegeta's Energy Blast x3
Mother's Touch x3
Time is a warrior's Tool x1

Tien's Mental Conditioning x2
Saiyin Concentration x1
!!!!Where there' s life there's Hope!!!! x1 [No kidding]
Goku's Heart Diesease x1
Kami Fades x1
Black Water Confusion Drill x1
Android Attack Drill x1
Android 20 Absorbing Drill x3
Jeice Style Drill x1

Winter Countryside x1

This is about my 11 time to Compendium Collectible's tournament. I've won 3 times there. There is this really hard guy and guess what! He was there. Here is the list of the ten people.
Duncan [me]
Maxx [2nd time there]
Luke [Master]
Mary [Newbie]
? [newbie]
? [newbie]
Jeremy [sucky deck but good friend of mine]
Billy [pretty good]
Matt [stole Chaitzu's Physcail defense[six start] from me]
Mike [matt's older brother]

You can see my deck is pure beatdown! This tournament was Swiss type.
First Round Me vs Billy

He had a good black deck with Spice. At first he was dominating. Couldnt stop like one attack. Then i put the smack down on him! I won by 4 life cards. It was very close!
First Round- win! 1-0

Second Round Me vs Luke

He had a vegeta saiyin deck. He kept ending combat unlike a saiyin deck. It was neck and neck but he got me to zero and beat me down!

Second Round- Loss. 1-1

Third Round Me vs Mike

He had a vegeta orange deck! I used the attack that took him up a level but no explanation here! I just beat him up bad in a very stylish way!

Third Round- Win! 2-1

Fourth Round- Me vs Mary

She just used a trunks saga deck for the tournament! I beat her so bad in two combats i decided to not attack her once more and not defend once more and i still won!

Fourth Round- Win! 3-1

Fifth Round- Me vs Matt

Matt had an awesome red deck with goku 1,2 trunks saga 3,4 saiyin saga. If it wasnt for winter countryside i would of lost! Once he got to saiyin saga goku level 3 it was major beat down! This was the last round before the semi-finals and me and luke were guranteed to get in the semis!

Fifth Round- Win! 4-1

Here is the Semi Round Bracket

Me vs Matt

luke vs Maxx [newbie]

semi 1st round

It was bassicly Deja Vu cept' i got winter country side in the first hand,
To my suprise the newbie beat luke giving me better chance to be the winner of the tournament.

semi 1st round- Win! advance

Finals were best 2 out of 3. Maxx had a black deck with Freiza! I was so psyched!
Final 1st round

I beat him up in like 3 combats. He disapointed me that he went into the finals[starting to actually have wanted luke in the finals]. So i won the 1st round.

2nd Round. He did way better. Got a bunch of allies but hey my power does +1 power stage when i perform physicals for every ally your oppenent has in play! But he got through 1/2 of my life deck but i still win makin me THE WINNER OF THE TOURNAMENT!!!!!!!

I got an orange warroir sword, 4 android boosters [rares:Kami's floating island, 3 goku's heart attacks, and awful abrasions!], and red blocking hand. This is my 4th time wining. I had i great time and it was great because i havent been to a tournament in 2 months. I might submit for another type fo deck soon so watch out!

Duncan Simpson
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