This is like the Frieza Deck but I changed it to less anger and more life cards.


Piccolo the Trained-Level 1 Android Saga
Piccolo-Level 2 Trunks Saga
Piccolo the Hero-Level 3 Trunks Saga

Vegeta the Ready-Level 1 Android Saga
Frieza the Monster-Level 1 Trunks Saga

Dragon Balls
Namek Dragon Balls 1-7

Black Energy Web-3
Black Turning Kick-3
Good Advice-1
Black Jump Turn Kick-2
Black Knife Hand Strike-2
Krillin's Energy Disk-1
Android 20's Enraged-1
Black Fore Fist Punch-1
Android 19's Energy Burst-1
Gohan's Energy Defense-2
Black Axe Heel Kick-3
Black Rear Spin Kick-1

Tien's Physical Attack-3
Goku's Attack-3
Trunks Cuts Down-1
Black Overpowering Attack-3
Black Hug Maneuver-3
Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique-1
Black Swift Elbow Strike-1
Vegeta's Physical Stance-1
Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt-1
Black Side Kick-1
Black Elbow Strike-1

Time Is A Warrior's Tool-1
Cell's Defense-1
Android 17 Smirks-1
Black Defensive Aura-3

Hero's Lucky Break-1
Awful Abrasions-1
Goku's Heart Disease-1
Kami Fades-1
Vegeta's Smirk-1
Don't You Just Hate That-1
A Burst of Energy-1
Frieza is Ready-1
Black Searching Technique-1
Eyes of the Dragon-1

Krillin's Drill-1
Jeice's Style Drill-1
Black Bear Hug Drill-1
Black Energy Stamina Drill-1
Nail Combat Drill-2
Android 20 Absorbing Drill-1

This deck is way better than the last one. Just today I was battling and my opponent had out Frieza is Ready. I also had one out. We were hitting each other with massive life cards. I was waiting for him to use his then I would use mine. I played Don't You Just Hate That and passed combat. He declared, attacked and I blocked. Used my Don't You Just Hate That and got rid of his Frieza is Ready and some drill. He hit me with a seven life card attack. I took it and hit him back with my Frieza is Ready. I did 14 life cards to him and since Frieza is Ready is use when needed I attacked him and did about 40 life cards that combat. The drawback was he did around 25 to me. I beat him that time and the time before. He has an extremely tough deck to beat. He uses Spice 1-4 with the redemption Level 1. I'm going to try out Spice. His high tech 2 is an energy attack doing seven life cards and costs no power stages! That means with Black Mastery it would do 8 life cards and 1 power stage costing nothing to use it!
Spice Level 3 is even better. An energy attack doing 8 life cards. His deck is an anger Black deck to get up to his better levels. Mine tries to stay at level one so I can use Piccolo's Power. Well thanks for reading it and e-mail about deck suggestions or tips at