Orange Effortless beatdown
Painted Visions
WoodBridge V.A


3x Trunks Effortles drill
3x Winter Countryside
1x Freiza Is Ready
1x Gokus Heart Disease
1x Gokus ready
3x Tiens Mental Conditioning
1x Senzu effect
2x Android 19's Distress
2x Orange energy dan drill


3x Orang Special beam cannon
3x Orange palm blast
3x Orange Stare down
3x Orange energyglare
3x Orange Searching Manuver
3x Cells Dark Attack
2x Spice prepares and energy blast
3x Orange Staredown
3x freiza s finger tip blast
2x Orange Rage
3x Straining jump kick move
3x Straining outbusrt move
3x Expectant turnks
3x android 20s search patern
2x cpt ginyus energy attack


1x Cells Threating Posistion
1x Android 17 smirks
1x Cpt Ginyu Frog
2x Krillins outburst

Lv1 Freiza(trunks)
Lv2 Freiza(trunks)
Lv3 Freiza(trunks)
Lv4 Freiza(trunks)
lv1 android16-20

Namek Dragon Ball 2,6
This deck got me 1st place it basically dominated the table .Anger would
loose because its to slow and the same goes for dragon ball victory and was
able to dismantal my oppenents decks with orange energy dan drill then stop
there gokus battle ready with trunks swiftley oving the perform it .Its
simple and easy and Strong.