OK this was OCT 20th, sat, 2001 at VS in springdale, Arkansas. I was using my black deck instead of my red deck today b/c the best person in the store said he wouldn't play me if I played red, and it beats everyone else so easily- so I decided to play something almost as bad~black/trunks....4 TSP4, 4 TSP3,4 Expectant trunks that just isn't fair, just keep using TIAWT over and over. Also with trunks the swordsman+black striking drill+black bear hug they are aern't having fun any more >=D also LVL1 trunks power is awesome, you soften them up for the big attacks! Alright so here is the deck black/trunks
You aren't having fun anymore are you??
x1 trunks Non HT
x1 trunks the swordsman
x1 SSJ trunks
x1 black mastery
x4 Tsp4
x3 black overpowering attack
x3 black defensive busrt
x3 black gut wrench
x3 black side thrust
x3 black draining aura
x3 HPL
x2 tien's physical attack
x1 trunks cuts down
x4 TSP3
x1 good advie
x2 BSM
x1 CPH
x1 mothers touch
x3 black def aura
x1 NPR
x1 VPS
x1 piccilo phys def
x2 trunks swiftly moving
x2 black side kick
x2 black finger block
x1 NEA
x1 frieza force bubble
x1 straining focusing move
x2 yamcha skilled def
x3 gohan's energy def
x2 black bear hug drill
x1 black striking drill
x1 black arm bar drill
x1 NDB3
x1 NDB4
x4 expectant trunks
x3 black searching technique
As for the matches of the day here are the ones I remember..
black/trunks VS red/frieza
Great, I brought black to show I had dignity, then I play a red deck ;x anyways we bashed each other a lot during the game, trading blow after blow, but in the end he got to LVL4 with 12 cards left =(
Black/trunks VS Orange freiza
same guy only with orange this time...Good player good deck, but without MPP victory to go to  I decked him.
Black Trunks VS Orange frieza VS namekian piccilo
Me and OF kept smashing each other through this game trading blow after blow, and me getting hit by frieza is ready where it does double back, but I getting TIAWT over and over I defeated him but then I had to face the namekian deck with my deck half full and he had kept passing while we were fighting so he had like 77 cards and I was easily decked( he was the store guy who wouldn't play my red goku =/ )
Black trunks VS black trunks VS orange frieza
same orange frieza only his frined was playing now =D I let them whack each other while I put a couple licks in and kept my deck thick, then with the timing right I attacked with the other trunks to kill frieza, so I would have advantage against him, then I initiated against trunks and he drew a hand with no DEF!!!!! SO he was screwed and I decked him that turn =D
Black trunks VS SSJgohan saiyan style VS orange frieza
OK the SSJ gohan deck was supposed to be one of the best in the store but we beat it pretty easy( it had no saiyan destiny!!!) Anyways maybe it was b/c the maker of the deck wasn't playing it, I dunno =/ anyways I got him to zero after me and orange freiza were stealing EDB5 from each other over and over getting bigger and bigger hands and raising levels, eventually I had the upper hand and got some good licks in with the swordsman and it was SSJ gohans turn...he initiated on me I used expectant trunks got a CPH and did that to him...then he tried to use senzu effect and after explaining CPh for like the 4th time he understood. He was at zero, and I was at full and did 2 TSP4s in a row for 15 life cards each! he got mad and it was his turn next and he drew out. So it was me VS frieza now and we battled down to the last card and I decked him with 3 cards left in my deck =D
Also during the day i traded for holo expectant trunks and orange searching technique and x2 saiyan focus yay =D anyways any tweaks fixes etc, IN RETROSPECT:: I should add in some black hug maneuvers and black driving palm strikes, I would add in vegeta quickness drill and TESx4 but I do not have any also I need frieza is ready would any1 be willing to trade those anyway tweaks, fixes, trades, telling me I am a n00b or something Email it to PLaTinumGoLD4652@aol.com ***Black/Trunks 0wnz j00 delinquints j/k ;x but it does 0wn***