From:      ďwhuthmakerĒ <>

Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 16:08:06 -0600


Piccolo the trained level 1

Tien the watcher level 4

Yajirobe level 4

Android 18 level 1

Android 16 level 1


Physical combat

Red knee bash

Black jump kick

Black draining aura

Saiyan left kick

Android 17 back bash

Namekian forearm smash

Black off balancing punch

Namekian wrist grab

Android  17ís haymaker

Saiyan heads up

Android 17ís neck hold

Black anger stance

Saiyan wrist block

Blue defensive flight

Android 19ís body slam

Red lifting kick

Saiyan destiny


Energy combat

Android 20ís enraged

Orange energy glare

Straining energy blast move

Red energy charge

Orange stare down

Black energy assault

Orange palm blast

Namekain energy absorption



Namekain dodging technique

Black taunting attack

Android 17 smirks

Cellís threatening position

Red burning stance

Red power drain


Non combat

Bulmaís looking good

Android 20 absorbing drill

Gohanís peaceful stance

Android 19ís distress

Black searching technique

Orange energy phasing drill

Namekian finishing effort

Red tactical drill

Android 20 is caught off guard

Senzu effect

Blue holding drill

Saiyan inspection

Piccoloís stance



Hyperbolic time chamber

Gravity chamber



Blasted land

I did great with this deck. The first person I beat with this deck was a chubby person. And he was hard but I beat him any way. The second guy I had to battle was using a deck called king cold mega punch and he was easy to me. Then it was the grand finally for me and him first I layed down my tien  and he a layed his garlic junior hi-tech card down. Then I go first. So then I layed my tien drill card and he could not make my anger fall. So then I kept making his fall. And then I won. And then they gave me an android saga pack and a friza saga packs. And thatís how I got my UR chiaotzu and yamcha cards.