Subject: Goku's Orange Energy Beatdown
Main Personality- Goku, the Hero
                          Goku, the Saiyan
                          Goku, Earth's Hero

Sensei/ Sensei Deck- East Kai

Mastery- Orange Style Mastery {TS}

Allies- Chi Chi {SS}

Dragonballs- Earth Dragonball 5
                   Earth Dragonball 7

Combat- Time is a Warriors Tool
             The Tail Grows Back
             Super Saiyan Effect
             Strength Training
             Piccolo's Fist Block
             Nappa's Blinding Stare
             Aura Clash
             Trunks Energy Sphere x3
             Orange Gambit

Non-Combat/Drills- The Plan
                             Expectant Trunks
                             Orange Aura Drill
                             Krillin's Drill
                             Vegeta Getting Bashed Drill
                             Orange Hiding Drill
                             Orange Destruction Drill
                             Orange Lifting Drill
                             Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill
                             Android 20 Absorbing Drill
                             Orange Energy Dan Drill

Physical Attacks- Orange Uppercut x3
                           Goku's Physical Attack x2
                           Orange Searching Maneuver
                           Hidden Power Level x2

Physical Defense- Orange Deflection
                            Nappa's Physical Resistance
                            Tien's Block x2
                            Orange Fist Catch x3
                            Trunks Swiftly Moving x3

Energy Attacks- Orange Staredown
                         Orange Focused Attack
                         Good Advice
                         Orange Mouth Shot x3
                         Orange Energy Discharge x3
                         Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast x2
                         Jeice Flash Attack x3
                         Garlic Jr's Energy Blast x3
                         Power Boost x3
                         Orange Energy Shot
                         Orange Sneak Attack
                         Heroic Kamehameha
                         Orange Trick Shot x2
                         Tien's Power Burst

Energy Defense- Nappa's Energy Aura
                         Yamcha's Skillful Defense
                          Orange Energy Guard x2
                          Orange Resistance x3
                          Orange Energy Catch x3
                          Goku Swiftly Moving

As you can all see this deck wins with Survival Victory. And, because I know pretty much everyone who will read this will wonder " Why is he using Goku in an ORANGE DECK?!?!" Well, after I'm done reviewing this Strategy hopefully you will see why. Anyway, I use Goku 1-3 from Cell Saga for the hand advantage. I use Trunks Saga mastery because, well it is the right mastery to use for this kind of energy deck. And, Chi-Chi she is pretty much self-explanatory. I use EDB5 so that my Garlic Jr's Energy Blast cannot be stopped, and it is like an awesome DB, and I use EDB7 to end combat in tight situations and if it would be my turn next i would choose like 3 drills from my discard and put at the top of my life deck, to put into play in my next non-combat. Orange Gambit is self-explanatory also, and so is TES, TIAWT, SSE. Aura Clash, is to advance those annoying personalitys such as Trunks HT Level 1, and others along those lines. The Plan, is to remove those allies from annoying ally decks, and I'm sure you can all see why I use the other non-combat, and Dril cards in my deck. There isn't much to say about my physical defense, or my physical attacks. And, there also isn't much to say about my energy defense. But, my energy attacks, well, KHSB is self-explanatory, Heroic Kamehameha is for against a Majin, and if I ain't playing a Majin, or that Majin has not advanced well i will just use the empower on it. Jeice Flash Attack and Tien's Power Burst, is for against other energy decks, so hopefully they will be succesful. Orange Sneak Attack, well that card is an awesome card, to get rid of those annoying physicals such as Red Shattering Leap, Saiyan Destiny, and Orange Uppercut. Orange Energy Discharge, well thats self-explanatory. Orange Staredown, well thats to get rid of cards like Goku's Capturing Drill or something along those lines. Power Boost is for my Energies of course, and Garlic Jr's Energy Blast is one of the reasons my EDB5 is in there. Orange Mouth Shot, is to add on more life cards of damage to my energies, and Orange Focused Attack, is in there for the focused energy it preforms and to stop that physical attack in my oppenent's next "attacker attacks" phase. And, thats about it.