Subject: Gohan's Pure Orange Energy Beatdown by Matt
Main Personality
1 Gohan Hitek (WGS)
2 Gohan, the Swift (CS)
3 Gohan, the Righteous (WGS)
4 Gohan, Mystic or Gohan, Ascendant (MBS or CS)
5 Gohan, the Winner (CS)
Note* I don’t usually use Levels 4 and 5

Trunks Saga Orange or Buu Saga Orange (Depends on what deck my opponent plays)

Sensei and Sensei Deck
Grand Kai Sensei (WGS)
1x Orange Rapid Attack (BS)

1x Orange Spontaneous Drill (SS)
1x Orange Lifting Drill (SS)
1x Orange Energy Phasing Drill (AS)
2x Orange Burning Aura Drill (CGS)
2x Android 20 Absorbing Drill (TS)
2x Orange Aura Drill (AS)
1x Awful Abrasions (CS)
1x Orange Gaze (CS)
1x Tien’s Mental Conditioning (AS)
1x Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill (TS)

Grand Kai (WGS)
Goku, the Leader (TS)

Energy Combats
1x Heroic Kamehameha (MBS)
1x Orange Mouth Shot (MBS)
2x Orange Energy Setup (CGS)
1x Krillin’s Heat Seeking Blast (TS)
3x Orange Resistance (TS)
3x Orange Energy Guard (MBS)
3x Orange Energy Guard (MBS)
1x Orange Power Blast (CS)
1x Orange Taunting Attack (FS)
1x Orange Special Beam Cannon (TS)
1x Orange 5-Finger Focus (MBS Preview 3)
1x  Orange Sneak Attack (MBS)
1x Orange Palm Blast (AS)
1x Spice Prepares An Energy Blast (TS)
1x Orange Neck Restraints (SS)
1x Orange Focused Attack (CGS)
1x Orange Energy Smash (CGS)
1x Orange Goku’s Kamehameha (CS)
1x Orange Energy Discharge (CS)
2x Orange Uniting Strike (CGS)

Physical Combats
1x Broly’s Might (MBS Broly Subset #8)
1x Orange Close Call
1x Hercule’s Drop Kick
1x Orange Firebreath
1x Orange Fist Catch
1x Orange Dodge (BS)
2x Orange Elbow Smash (BS)
1x Orange Deflection (CS)
2x Orange Head Butt (BS Preview)
1x Orange Surprise Reaction (BS)
3x Orange Wrist Flex Takedown (SS)
2x Orange Palm Block (WGS)
2x Orange Flying Drop Kick (WGS)
3x Orange High Block (BS)
1x Orange Car Push (MBS)
3x Orange Sidestep (CS)
1x Orange Critical Hit
3x Orange Shoulder Throw (SS)

The strategy of this deck is quite obvious. Use energy attacks to blast your opponent's life deck to smithereens and use Drills and Non-Combats to keep yourself alive long enough to blast your opponent. I have quite a few physical combats in this deck, but most of them hate on your opponents Drills or stop an attack, so it works. If you have any suggestions or comments e-mail me at

Brought to you by: Gohan Jr. (Matt Kelly)