Main Personalitiy
Gohan The Champion (Cell Saga)
Gohan The Swift (Cell Saga)
Gohan The Mighty (Cell Saga)
Gohan Ascendant (Cell Saga)
Gohan The Winner (Cell Saga)
North Kai Sensei: (World Games Saga)
Huh??? (World Games Saga)
Chi-Chi 1 (Saiyan Saga)
Nail The Namekian 1 (Frieza Saga)
Dene The Unlikely Hero 1 (Frieza Saga)
Piccolo The Avenger 1 (Trunks Saga)
Android 18 1 (Android Saga)
Krillin The Friend 1 (Cell Saga)
Tien The Swift 1 (Cell Saga)
Yamcha The Friend 1 (Cell Saga)
Kid Trunks The Junior Champion 1 (World Games Saga)
Protective Shelter x1 (Cell Games Saga)
Physical Combat:
Straining Outburst Move x1 (Trunks Saga)
Red Counterstrike x1 (Android Saga)
Trunks Swiftly Moving x2 (Trunks Saga)
Red Fist Catch x2 (Buu Saga)
Nappa's Physical Resistance x1 (Saiyan Saga)
Vegeta's Physical Resistance x1 (Saiyan Saga)
Red Dodge x1 (Cell Saga)
Energy Combat:
Orange Junction Energy Blast x2 (Trunks Saga)
Black Energy Web x3 (Trunks Saga)
Orange Energy Discharge x2 (Cell Saga)
Red Energy Shield x2 (Trunks Saga)
Black Rear Spin Kick x1 (Saiyan Saga)
Gohan's Anger Blast x1 (Frieza Saga)
Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast x1 (Trunks Saga)
Orange Goku's Kamehameha x1 (Cell Saga)
Namekian Energy Beam x1 (Cell Saga)
Blu Draining Blast x1 (Buu Saga)
Tien's Tri-Beam x1 (Cell Saga)
Orange Special Beam Cannon x1 (Trunks Saga)
Heroic Kamehameha x1 (Buu Saga)
Namekian Quick Blast x1 (Cell Games Saga)
Orange Energy Deflection x1 (Cell Saga)
Namekian Destruction Blast x1 c(Cell Saga)
Good Advice x1 (Frieza Saga)
Team Work Kamehameha x1 L3
Nappa's Energy Arua x1 (Saiyan Saga)
Goku Swiftly Moving x2 (Buu Saga)
Combat Cards:
The Power Of The Dragon x1 (Cell Games Saga)
Krillin's Flight x1 (Buu Saga)
Krillin's Search x1 (Android Saga)
Black Defensive Aura x2 (Trunks Saga)
Mother's Touch x3 (Saiyan Saga)
Blue Shifty Maneuver x2 (Babidi Saga)
Time Is A Warrior's Tool x1 (Frieza Saga)
Vegeta's Surprise Defense x1 (Saiyan Saga)
Unexpected Allies x1 (Saiyan Saga)
Battle Pausing x1 (Saiyan Saga)
Smokescreen x1 (Cell Saga)
Prepared Dodge x1 (Cell Games Saga)
Non-Combat Cards:
Hero's Lucky Break x1 (Trunks Saga)
Spice And His Friends x1 (Trunks Saga)
Blue Friendship x1 (Buu Saga)
Orange Desrtuction Drill x1 (Frieza Saga)
Healing Magic x1 (Buu Saga)
Vegeta's Quickness Drill x1 (Saiyan Saga)
Focusing x1 (Cell Saga)
Kami Fades x1 (Frieza Saga)
Goku's Heart Disease x1 (Android Saga)
What Was I Thinking x1 (Trunks Saga)
Unexpected Company x1 (Android Saga)
Foreboding Evidence x1 (Android Saga)
Orange Haulting Drill x1 (Cell Saga)
Namekian Team Work x1 (Android Saga)
Quick Combat Drill x1 (Cell Games Saga)
Guru Fades x1 (Trunks Saga)
Don't You Just Hate That x1 (Trunks Saga)
This deck uses alot of cards formthe discard if an attack ever hits and it also uses cards to bring outthe allies. And all of my attacks cost at least 3 power stages to use to get me down to zero to se my allies powers!