Con's Backlash Deck .. :\

First off; I just like to discuss some of my history in this game. I started back in Frieza/the release of Trunks. I had a huge collection and we played often. Regardless I enjoyed the game until I just got too bored with the same style of play. I then continued to play Magic: The Gathering, the game I played before. Well recently I had slipped up and missed Regionals for Magic, missed several events and then just dropped, my type 1 decks were banned and now my cards sit in a my desk drawer. I re-picked up the DBZ CCG and gained a massive collection fast, I knew what was good and struck for it. I just wanted to discuss my backlash deck, or more post and then aware you of this: M:TG players complain, and we rant, and we do it often. We're picky, and we often argue over decks, just stating that before I jump into this.. :\

"Sticky" [50 Cards]

Android 18 [AS]
Android 18 2 & 3 [Cell]

Kami's Floating Island

Earth 1-7

Trunk's Find's the Answers
The Luck of Trunk's
Goku's Heart Disease
Expectant Trunks
Goku's Lucky Break
Hero's Lucky Break
Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation
Goku's Ready
Hospital Stay
Goku's Mixing Drill
Blue Holding Drill
Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill
Caught Off Gaurd Drill
Black Smoothness Drill
Red Coordination Drill
Vegeta's Quickness Drill
[2x] Time to Party

Black Scout Maneuver
Krillin's Search
Time Is A Warrior's Tool
Trunks Energy Sphere
Battle Pausing
[3x] Blue Leaving
[3x] Mother's Touch
[3x] Smokescreen

[3x] Cosmic Backlash

Blue Terror
[3x] Cell's Last Strike

This deck is truely fun in my opinion. It's auto-win against low-to-sub par energy decks. Anger is usually taken care of and with the right set-up a Heart disease hit's fast. Red in my meta-game usually runs no allies and I can cut em' off quick, but usually they run a few pitch defenses (Normal card defense; magic's term for play in type 1 is pitch =/) so I usually have to force feed a backlash. I have yet to see a black deck in my area so until then I won't meta-game it. Blue is a tough partner to take down with this deck; since the amount of pitch they use is overwhelming that it usually stops the backlash and I have to lean to Dragonball. The off note Cell's Last Strike is sometimes a win condition. Usually I can slide a TIAWT and then force out 2 Backlash, holding them captive I can then use a Krillin's Search or something even a left over CLS to knock out 5, sadly I have never hit a 10 card CLS since a lot of kids who play run 85 Tokui.

I would just like to state the draw engine in this deck pwns. I find it runs the fastest out of every player I have played; wondering if I am the first person to really try and get a deck with a lot of draw and search. While it could use more draw, e.g maybe a Fatherly Advice, or some other popular cards, that would cost me a lot and I would rather toss cash to a Black Lotus over that regardless that I don't even have a job ;/..

Of course the win condition is simple and it's generally the reason I built the deck.. :\ [w00t to the player who got 4th with a Backlash deck at regionals I believe]

Regardless any comments would help.. Thanks

Convinced [irc: meezerk/convinced] [p.s: if you have a Backlash deck like this, help me out if you think mine sucks :\]

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