Android 20 Beatdown
Adam Schweikart
Centerville, Ohio
July 5, 2003
Schumer's Cards and Comics
# of participants 8
Cards in deck
MP- Android 20 CS
       Android 20 the Doctor
       Android 20 the Schemer
Mastery- Orange Style Mastery Buu Saga
Sensei Deck- South Kai Sensei
2x Orange Power Stance
3x Orange Destruction Ball
Android 13
Android 15
Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
Android 19
Dragon Balls-3
Alt Dende Dragon Ball 5
Alt Dende Dragon Ball 6
Alt Dende Dragon Ball 7
Energy Combat-35
3x Orange Scatter Shot
3x Orange Resistance
3x Orange Energy Shot
3x Orange Junction Energy Blast
3x Orange Trick Shot
2x Teamwork Kamehameha
2x Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast
2x Orange Sneak Attack
2x Orange Stare Down
2x Android 13's Prepared Stance
2x Orange Energy Catch
2x Orange Neck Restraints
1x Android 18's Palm Blast
1x Android 13's Destruction Bomb
1x Nappa's Energy Aura
1x Goku Swiftly Moving
1x Goku's Energy Absorption
1x Orange 5-Finger Focus
Physical Combat-7
3x Trunks Swiftly Moving
1x Orange Fist Catch
1x Vegeta's Physical Stance
1x Nappa's Physical Resistance
1x Super Android 13's Physical Restistance
1x Power Of The Dragon
1x Cell's Defense
1x Cell's Threatening Postition
1x Trunks Energy Sphere
1x Time Is A Warriors Tool
1x Gathering of Heros
3x Android 20's Absorbing Drill
3x Android Attack Drill
2x Unexpected Company
2x Android 19's Distress
1x Orange Aura Drill
1x Orange Energy Dan Drill
1x Orange Burning Aura Drill
1x Orange Steady Drill
1x Orange Hiding Drill
1x Orange Haulting Drill
1x Orange Body Shifting Drill
1x Orange Focusing Drill
1x Gohan's Peacful Stance
1x The Eternal Dragon's Quest
1x Freiza Is Ready
1x Awful Abrasions
1x Severe Bruises
                            First Round: Me vs Noah
    This went real fast because Noah uses a Sayain mix Beatdown with CS Mastery and Brolly.  A couple turns into the game he used Sayain Truce card, but managed to get an increadibly sucky hand for the ocassion.  I had Haulting Drill and Absorbing Drill out in about 7 turns and the stayed out until the very end. Same goes for 3 of my allies who got in the game. He used massive phyiscals on me.  I got lucky with him having a mediocre starting hand.  That way he couldn't pummel me into oblivion and I still had a chance.  I won this game cuz of my Drills and with a Krillens Heat Seeking that did 14 life cards of damage. Too bad this wasn't Tuff Enuff
                            2nd Round Me vs Murray
    He was using a Tapkar Dragon Ball/Beatdown Orange Style.  He couldn't hurt me too bad cuz he couldn't get rid of my Absorbing Drills.  I managed to steal his dragon balls and keep them the whole game. He then just gave up hope and decided to suicide.  I crushed him with a Team Work Kamehameha doing 19 life cards of damage.
Me 2-0
                            3rd Round Me vs Moody
    He's been using this red anger Majin Vegeta Deck ever since he pulled his lvl 5.  He actually wanted me to kill him because he knew I always beat him, and he would be in the semi's any way with his record.  He kept entering with no blocks.  I kept him at lvl 1 the whole time. Needless to say I killed him.
Me 3-0
                        Semi Finals: Me vs Noah again!?
    I had to play Noah again because he wuz 2-1 and so wuz Moody.  This started HORRIBLE for me.  I basically got wuped in the first hand.  If I had drawn TIAWT or NPR or VPS I would survived.  He did about 45 life cards in that one hand.  I just couldn't catch up to him.
Finals Noah played his older brother Jordan, who has the same deck as me, but believe me we didn't copy eachother, He doesn't usually play at this shop. Anyway I just asked who won, Noah did.  I think he won cuz of Highest MP victory but I don't know for sure.
I spent a gift certificate I got on 11 Babidi packs + the 2 I won for placing 3rd.  I got another Destrucion Bomb! And one more promo, other than that crap.  : P
-Me getting 3rd
-Beating Noah 1st round
-Getting Destrucion Bomb and other promo
-Not getting to play Jordan
-Having to play Noah again
-Getting crap in most of my packs
-Jordan pulling Majin Buu lvl 5
-The horrible scheduling of the tourney (We would have had about 5 more people but they were all on vacation :P)
-Having everyone at the shop convert over to Orange after I crushed their lousy red anger decks.  GET YOUR OWN IDEAS!
My name is Adam Schweikart
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