Subject: "Jordan's Red anger beat you in the face deck"
Main Personality
Gohan (WGS) High tech
Gohan, the Swift (CS)
Gohan, the Righteous (WGS)
Gohan, Mystic (Buu S) preview
Gohan, the Winner (CS)

Grand Kai Sensei

Red Style Mastery (TS)

Krillin (TS)
Vegeta, the Puppet (WGS) Promo

Red double strike x3 (WGS)

Dragon balls
Dende Dragon Ball 5

Don't you just hate that (TS)
Red fowarard Stance Drill (CGS)
Red Knee Pick Drill (SS)
Android 20 Abosorbing Drill x2 (TS)

Energy combats
Red Energy Charge (AS)
Red Arm Cannon (ccpp2)
Captian Ginyu's Energy Attack (TS)
Goku's Escape x2 (Buu S)
Red Energy Blast x3 (TS)
Red Energy Shield x3 (TS)

Physical Combats
Red Power Block (Buu S)
Red Passive Block (Buu S)
Red Overbearing Attack (GBA) Promo
Red Shattering Leap (TS)
Gohan's Physical Attack (SS)
Red Jump (CS)
Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack (Babidi S)
Red offensive Stance (CS)
Red Side step (CG)
Red Knife Hand x2 (SS)
Red Jump Kick x2 (WGS)
Red Resistance x2 (Babidi S)
Trunks Swiftly Moving x2 (TS)
Red Face Strike x2 (CS)
Red Front Kick x2 (SS)
Gohan's Ready x2 (AS)
Trunk's Sword Position 1 x3 (TS)
Captain Ginyu Moves To Attack x3 (TS)
Red Deffensive Jump x3 (CS)
Red Power Rush x3 (TS)
Red Energy Defensive Stance x3 (WGS)
Red Reverse Punch x3 (SS)
Red lightning Strike x3 (TS)
Red Face Upheaval x3 (TS)
Red Palm Heel Strike x3 (SS)
Red Forearm Block x3 (babidi S)
Red Knee Strike x3 (TS)

The objective of this deck is obvious, Raise your anger. By leveling up faster than your opponent you can delever devistating physical attacks that pummel their life deck. Also if by chance you play main personality victory then you could win very easly. So become one with the anger my friend and Show them what true power is!

Brought to you by: Jordan Cribbs (The Saiyan Heir)

Note: Red Rulez!