Subject: Chris' Black Deck of Death
Main Personality

Black Style Mastery (CS)

Energy Combats
Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast (TS)
3x Black Turning Kick (SS)
3x Black Energy Web (TS)
Black Recovery (CGS)
Black Front Kick (SS)
Black Fore Fist Punch (SS)
Spice Prepares an Energy Blast (TS)
Black Fatality (CS)
Goku's Energy Absorption (FS)
Black Twin Blast (CS)

Physical Combat
Black Pummeling Strike (Babidi Saga)
Black Light Jab (WGS)
Piccolo's Physical Defense (SS)
2x Black Reversal Strike (WGS)
2x Black Defensive Stance
2x Black Defensive Burst (TS)
3x Black Fist Lock (CGS)
2x Black Physical Focus (TS)
Black Neck Break (CS)
Black Reversal Kick (Babidi Saga)
Black Finger Block (TS)
Black Flying Kick (TS)
3x Trunks Swiftly Moving (TS)
Black Personal Smack (Babidi Saga)
2x Black Wrist Block (CGS)
2x Black Face Crush (Babidi Saga)
Black Elbow Strike (SS)
Black Quick Kick (Babidi Saga)
3x Black Side Kick (SS)
2x Black Hug Manuver (TS)

Dragon Balls
Earth Dragon Ball 3
Earth Dragon Ball 4
Earth Dragon Ball 5

Black Arm Bar Drill (SS)
Black Shifting Drill (CGS)
Black Bear Hug Drill (SS)
2x Black Takedown Drill (SS)
Black Anticipation Drill (CGS)
Goku's Ready (TS)
2x Android 20 Absorbing Drill (TS)
Black Shadow Drill (SS)
Black Conservation Drill (Babidi Saga)
Black Double Attack Drill (CGS)
Vegeta's Quickness Drill (SS)
Black Smoothness Drill (TS)
Black Thought Focus (Capsule Corp. Power Pack 2)

Grand Kai (WGS)

Injured Circuits (Promo)
2x Black Defensive Aura (TS)
Super Saiyan Effect (TS)
2x Mother's touch (SS)

west kai sensei

this deck uses bardock and the cell saga mastery to pick the card you want  from your opponet hand and if you get the black thought focus it will let you discard 2 cards from opponets  and the u beat your opponet down and thats it.