Subject: A look at the Buu Masteries Part 2-adam17
Hello again, now I'll be reviewing the last 3 Masteries from the Buu saga.
Orange Style Mastery-  "Once per Combat during your "Attacker Attacks" phase, you may discard one of your Orange Style Drills in play to search your Life Deck for 2 different Drills and place them into play.  During your Rejuvenation Step, you may place the top Drill in your discard pile on the bottom of your life deck."  I love this Mastery.  I run it with an Android 20 beatdown and it works very well.  All you need is some patience, and about 5 or more orange drills in your deck.  The whole point behind this Mastery is the second you get one orange drill out, you can start pulling 2 drills a turn by selecting one or two orange drills to replace the one you discarded.
Red Style Mastery-  "When you perform a Red Style attack, you may discard the top card of your Life Deck to make it a focused attack.  After you stop an attack with a Red Style card that does not remove itself from the game, place it on the bottom of your Life Deck."  This Mastery is decent, but only works with about 4 main personalities out there, other than that don't use it unless your Mighty Mask, Dabura, Majin Buu, or Android 18.  The fact that you rejuvinate the cards you discarded by stopping attacks is very helpful.
Saiyan Style Mastery-  "You cannot win by the Most Powerful Personality Victory.  All of your Saiyan Style attacks gan "Raise your anger 1 level. Gain 3 power stages."  During the Rejuvenation Step, if you put any Saiyan Style cards back into your Life Deck, rais your anger 2 levels and gain 4 power stages."  Wow! This is the best Mastery from Buu hands down.  I run a Goku Saiyan beatdown and it works wonders.  This is probabbly the first Saiyan Mastery that is begging to be used in an Energy Beatdown deck.  Props to Score for thinking this one up, along with the card animation.
This is my overall rating of the Masteries 1 being the worst 10 being the best
Freestyle: 6
Black Style: 4
Blue Style: 7
Namekian Style: 2
Orange Style: 7.5
Red Style: 6.5
Saiyan Style: 9
Thats my 2 cents Contact me at if you have any complaints or agree with somehting.