Aaron Hughes
Deck: Pikkons Fury
Columbus, Ohio
Darts USA
# of people in tournament- 15
Main Personality
Pikkon lvl. 1 hi tech
Pikkon, The Serious lvl. 2
Pikkon, The Powerful lvl. 3
Pikkon, The Hero lvl. 4
Red Style Mastery from Trunks Saga
West Kai Sensei
Dende Dragonball 1 x1
Dende Dragonball 2 x1
Dende Dragonball 3 x1
Dende Dragonball 4 x1
Piccolo Defense Drill x1
Red Gravity Drill x2
Android Attack Drill x1
Red Tactical Drill x1
Red Hunting Drill x1
Severe Bruises x1
Android 20's Search Pattern x2
Awful Abrasions x1
Arqua, The Water Champion lvl.1
Krillen, The Husband lvl.2
Blocking Cards
Red Slide x1
Red Side Kick x1
Tien's Energy Defense x1
Red Counterstrike x1
Red Energy Shield x3
Red Forearm Block x1
Red creative Block x2
Red Offensive Stance x3
Red Energy Defensive Stance x2
Red Side Step x3
Red Defensive Jump x3
Physical Attacks
Red Knife Hand x2
Red Knee Bash x2
Red Driving Jab x2
Red Power Strike x3
Red Front Kick x1
Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique x1
Red Reverse Punch x2
Red Double Strike x1
Red Flyig Kick x1
Red Lunge Punch x2
Red Lifting Kick x2
Red Face Strike x3
Red Flight x2
Trunks Draws Steel x1
Red Flying Attack x1
Android 19's Body Slam x3
Megaton Bull Crusher x1
Red Crush x3
Red Tilted Punch x1
Red Light Jab x1
Energy Attacks
Red Energy Blast x1
Red Energy Charge x3
Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack x1
Red Kid Trunks Blast x1
Deck Strategy
        Obviously this is a red deck that focuses on raising anger quickly and winning by most powerful personality victory.I wanted to full-proof my deck so I put in plenty of drills and dragonballs just in case I get severe bruises or awful abraisions put on me. I also wanted to be able to take out other red decks if I came across any so I put in awful abrasions and severe bruises. Just to make sure I could pull out those cards or get rid of them before they were put on me I put in Android 20's Search Pattern.
Tourney Report
        Round 1 Me vs. Namekian Piccolo Rejuvination
Well it started off pretty good. Pulled out some anger raising cards so I was confident it would go fast. Threw some physicals at me but I blocked while raising anger and gaining levels. This continued on for the rest of the match. I got to level four in 4 combats. He had about 10 cards in his discard pile at the end and I dont think I would have won if he would have had a level 5. Well things were lookin good.
Wins-1 Losses-0
        Round 2 Me vs. a Cell deck that had a good defense and liked to use a lot of energy attacks
This time I knew I might lose, the person I had to fight was a 40 year old man(who's whole family was in the tournament) that had just bought a box of babidi before the tournament. He had a level 5 so I would have to win by survival. It started off pretty good. I was gaining levels quickly,but he was too. He blocked almost every one of my attacks and gained 1 anger for each. He got to level 3 and didnt get anymore anger. I had already gotten to level 4 and was pounding him with everything I had but he always blocked it. He then started to throw focused energy attacks at me doing 10 life cards each. I lost by getting decked.
Wins-1 Losses-1
        Round 3 Me vs. a no style Goku deck
At first I thought it was gonna be deja vu from my previous battle, he had level 1-5 goku from the wg saga. Most powerful personality victory was out so I had to go for survival. I started first and got to level 2 by the end of the combat. This deck had barely any blocking cards and I was always at high power stages so my physicals did big damage. Once I got to level 4 I knew it was all over, every physical I did cost him 10 life cards since he was always at zero. In the end it took me 6 combats to deck him.
Wins-2 Losses-1
        Round 4 Me vs. Dragonball Roshi deck
This kind of fight was new to me,he focused on capturing dragonaballs. I thought I would just gain my anger and win but it was very different. His deck was all blocking cards, and each one lowered my anger. I didnt even get to level 2 when it ended. It was simple, he used rosji's power to look at and rearrange his cards. He used dragonaball finding cards and before you knew it he had all seven. It took about 5 combats for him to win.
Wins-2 Losses-2
        Round 4 Me vs. Namekian Beatdown with Piccolo
This was a very close fight. It started off bad. I had no blocking cards and I could use my personality power. He took about 40 life cards from me the first combat, but I got to level 2 also. Second combat was about the same but he took a lot less cards from me, I got to level 3 at the end. Third combat I only raised my anger by 2 because I got no cards that raised my anger and I only had about 10 life cards left at the end of combat and it was his turn to power up. Luckily he got a bad hand and passes so I was given another chance. I declared and used my mastery to get my anger to 4. He used a really strong physical but it only did me good. I used red defensive jump to block it and raised my anger to 5. I got to level 4 in the nick of time. I thought that fight was a little luck on m part.
Wins-3 Losses-2
 O well, since I lost 2 matches I didnt get in to final four. I got 5th-7th place in the tournament, not that bad since this was my first time playing in almost two years. If anyone has any suggestions about what I should do to my deck please email me at aaron_the_baron2000@yahoo.com
                              Aaron Hughes