Subject: A look at the Buu Masteries-adam 17
I picked up a box of Buu the other day, and I am semi pleased with the new masteries, so here is a quick summary.
Freestyle Mastery-    Fairly decent.  "Your Drills cannot be discarded for any reason while they are in play.  When entering Combat, you may discard a Named card that matches your Main Personality to search your life deck for a Named card that matches your Main Personality and put it in your hand."  This I can see run in a Krillin endurance/named beatdown.  This card has some dragon ball use, but lacks defensive power.
Black Style Mastery-   "Your Black Style Non Drill cards that can stop attacks can also stop focused attacks.  You may discard a Black Style card druing your "Attacker Attacks"  phase to raise your anger one level and have a Main Personality gain 6 power stages."  Ok so this still isn't better than Trunks saga mastery.  You can gain 3 anger a turn which isn't horrible, but you sacrifice your hand, and the new black style cards don't really help this out.  As for stopping focused, maybe if you overload it with defense you could run a decent Dragon Ball deck
Blue Style Mastery-    "All of your Blue Style physical attacks do +2 life cards of damage.  During your "Defender Defends" stage you may remove any amount of Blue Style cards in your discard pile instead of using a defense.  Prevent 2 life cards of damage from the attack for each Blue Style card removed.  Not bad at all, especially with the Majin Buu personality that just came out.  There's actually 2 seperate ones, but one totally boosts physicals.  The prevention effect is very nice when you take massive damage from an attack, but the cool thing is you can still use endurance.
Namekian Style Mastery-    "When one of you Non-Namekian Style cards goes to the discard pile, remove it from the game instead.  All of your Namekian Style attacks gain "If successful, place the bottom 2 cards of your discard pile on the bottom of your life deck and gain 3 power stages." Ahem, this sucks.  Basically you can get back 3 cards during Rejuvination or whenever you take damage.  But most people don't want to take damage, stick to the trunks or cell mastery.
Part 2 will be soon, don't worry.
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