Subject: Goten's Pre-Release Deck --- Andy Lancaster

Goten’s Pre-Release
Andy Lancaster
Homefield Advantage
Greenwood, SC
May 25th, 2003
11 participants

This was the Buu Saga Pre-Release and I had been waiting for it for a good while. We arrived at Homefield advantage and talked about who we wanted in our starter decks until they were passed out. Finally they handed out the starter decks and 4 packs. I got a Hero Starter Deck and I pulled Goten from it. I was really pleased with my pulls. Gotenks 1, Elder Kai Sensei, Goten 1-3, Kid Trunks, and 1 Fusion Dance. With this I could pull off a Fusion. I got some really nice cards against Majins too. Here’s my deck list.

MP: 3
1x Goten 1
1x Goten 2
1x Goten 3

Sensei/Sensei Deck: 1/11
1x Elder Kai Sensei
3x Black Heroic Side Kick
3x Blue Head Kick
3x Heroic Quick Kick
1x Saiyan Pressure Technique
1x Gotenks 1

Allies: 1
1x Kid Trunks

Non-Combat: 7
2x Energy Gathering
2x Black Weakness Drill
2x Orange Hiding Drill
1x Fusion Dance

Dragon Balls: 2
1x Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 2
1x Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 7

Combat: 2
1x Whiplash
1x Deal

Physical Combat: 37
3x Saiyan Snap Kick
3x Black Snap Kick
3x Red Fist Catch
3x Red Power Block
3x Red Passive Block
2x Orange Chin Break
2x Saiyan Direct Strike
2x Saiyan Hurricane Kick
2x Orange Face Crush
2x Orange Face Crush
2x Black Floating Popo Defense
3x Majin Buu’s Stomach Throw
3x Carpet Attack Technique
2x Blue Belly Kick
1x Red Overhead Crush
1x Blue Stomach Blast

Energy Combat: 23
3x Blue Draining Blast
3x Orange Energy Guard
3x Saiyan Hand Swipe
2x Red Vigor Orb
2x Orange Energy Catch
2x Goku Swiftly Moving
2x Red Fast Ball
2x Orange Mouth Shot
2x Heroic Kamehameha
1x Energy Ricochet
1x Broly’s Might

Total Deck Count: 76

We were given 30 mins. To put our decks together. I don’t think we were suppose to trade but most of us did anyway =/. I put the above deck together in about 15 mins. I walked around and looked at what some other people pulled. My friend, Bryan and Johnny, both pulled Majin Buu =\. Bryan also pulled Buu 4 and 5!!! Kenny pulled the only other UR which was a Master Roshi Sensei. Well after all that the tournament finally got under way.

We found at the last minute that it was best 2 out 3 games. Which I really liked! =/ Each round was 40 minutes long.

Round 1, Game 1
My Goten Vs Justin’s Majin Babidi
I started by senseing in 3x Black Heroic Side Kicks. The game was pertty bland. He would pass and I would pass. After about 5 turns, I drew my Fusion Dance. 2 turns later I drew Kid Trunks and nice hand. I called him in and used Goten’s power. He had no blocks =\. I then fused and hit him with my entire hand and 7 PS Physicals twice. He had 3 cards left and he drew them next turn.

Round 1, Game 2
I senseied in 3x Black Heroic Side Kicks again. It kinda sucked because I senseied out my Fusion Dance =\. Anyways this game was a little bit closer. He called me in a lot more and hit me with some hard Empower Energy Attacks. I couldn’t seem to draw any Energy blocks. In the end though, I won by about 15 LCs after hitting with my power and 2x Black Heroic Side Kicks with DDB 2 out.


Round 2, Game 1
My Goten Vs Charlie’s Piccolo
I knew this was going to be a hard match. We called each other in almost ever hand. I was getting awesome draws but so was he =\. One combat, I hit him really hard for 20 Lcs With DDB2 out. Next combat, he hits me for around. Couple turns later I draw DDB7 and regen 7. After that he never can get a good hand and draws himself out.

Round 2, Game 2
We only had about 20 minutes left to finish up our games. This game I got DDB2 out early and beat him down with physicals and my power. I think he blocked like 2 attacks that whole game. Time is called and I have 52 cards to his 14.


Round 3, Game 1
My Goten Vs Christian’s Gohan
This game lasted for a good 30 minutes. He never really hit me but I never drew a decent hand. Ever time he would call me in, I would have all blocks. Near the end I played DDB7 to regen 7 and Black Weakness Drill. I FINALLY got a good hand finished him off.

Round 3, Game 2
We had like 8 minutes to play but I put a good dent in his deck in that amount time. Hitting him hard with my power and Saiyan Chin Kicks the first 2 combats. Time ran out and won.

Round 4, Game 1
My Goten Vs Corey’s Kid Trunks
I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to fuse which sucked. This game went by really fast. I was drawing gusu hand and Corey was drawing 0 blocks. Poor him…. The match lasted about 5 minutes.

Round 4, Game 2
He didn’t want to play anymore so he forfeited.

I thought there would be more rounds but there wasn’t. Our store owner had some funky system where I didn’t even play the other person who went 4-0. I found out later that for finishing your games before time was up got you an extra point =\. Oh well, I placed 2nd . Got 4 packs and Piccolo’s Power Ball. That made my day =). Bryan placed first because he finished all his games under the time limit.

Overall it was an awesome day. I pulled off a fusion, went 4-0, got free packs, and got a PPB. Best PR to date for me =).

Andy "FoxHounD" Lancaster --