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I told you I'd write again,and here I am!Here I'm gonna talk about victory types(MPP,Energy Beatdown,etc.),so lets get started shall we?I'm gonna start with the basics.

Energy Survival-I like this type alot.Its a good strategy because not only does it rid your opponent from life cards,but it also gets rid of there better cards if your lucky(even though luck isnt really needed).The thing that makes this type more desirable than Physical Survival is that no matter what,with every succesful Energy attack you do,your gonna do life cards of damage.

Physical Survival-Another good deck type.Hitting your opponent with many physical attacks will do lotsa life cards of damage for no cost to you(most of the time).The thing the this has that Energy Survival doesnt have is doing the power stages of damage.This can cause energy decks problems because they wont be able to perform there attacks when theyre at zero.The only bad thing about Physical Survival is that it may take a while,and Allies really really cause problems for them because not only will Allies soak up the damage,but forcing your opponent to 0 or 1 above 0  they get to use Ally's powers.:/

Dragonball-Good if used right,but has many weaknesses.By if used right I mean if you have A)cards to stop combat and B)Small Deck size.Goku's Capturing Drill and Dragonball pulling cards are neccessary to have as well.Having Dragonballs captured is a baaaaad thing.Overral pretty fast though.And good.

Most Powerful Personality-Lo and Behold,my least favortite Victory condition.Insanely fast for casual play,and if your a beginner or lower level player with friends that are as well.Fast,but tourney-level people know that people are gonna try winning this way,and are gonna shut 'em down real fast-like.

Dragons Victory-Another not so good deck type.Good in theory,but not very often will your anger be at 4 and your opponents at 3 or 4,while having this in-hand.Fun to try,but unless you found a way to make this work real good,dont bring it to a tourney.

Cosmic Backlash-My personal favorite!Quite good,and fun to use.Like Dragonball,deck size should be small,with lots of cards to end combat.Krillin's Solar Flare,Cosmic Backlash(of course),and Trunks Energy Sphere should each have three spaces in a Backlash deck (But doesnt Trunks Energy Sphere belong in every deck?).And,Cosmic Backlash,Tunks Energy Sphere,and Krillins Solar Flare(x2 would be good too),is the perfect hand.Especially good with Android 18 from Cell Saga as your MP.This allows you to set up your hand.Neat eh?

Anyways,until next time,see ya!

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