Subject: X Gohan Enraged- Mark Smith
X Gohan Enraged
Mark Smith
Richard's Card Shop
Santa Paula, CA
May 4th, 2003
# of Duelists: 08

This deck works pretty good, most matches only last 5 or less combats, more if they lower alot of
my anger or if they have 1 of the three stop anger till you put out this. I have all three of
them to stop my opponents anger. I also have drills, allies, and dragonballs to stop the three.
This was my first tounament with my new mastery, the anger one of course.

X Gohan Enraged

RED style mastery

Super Saiyan Gohan
Gohan, the Swift
Gohan, the Righteous
Gohan, Ascendant
Gohan, the Winner


x2 Red Eye Laser Assault
x2 Red Power Rush
x2 Red Knife Hand
x1 Red Reverse Punch
x1 Red Palm Heel Strike
x2 Red Power Strike
x1 Red Lightning Slash
x1 Red Knee Bash
x1 Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack
x1 Red Flight
x1 Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt


x3 Red Double Strike
x1 Dragon's Victory
x1 Time is a Warriors Tool


x1 Red Slide
X3 Red Energy Defensive Stance 
x1 Gohan's energy defense
x2 Red Energy shield
x1 Goku's Energy Absorption


x2 Red Jump
x1 Red Side Step
x2 Red Forearm Block
x3 Red Defensive Jump

x1 Goku's Heart Disease
x1 Severe Bruises
x1 Awful Abrasions
x1 Red Hunting Drill
x1 Android 20 Absorbing Drill
x1 hero's enraged
x2 burning rage
x1 Jeice's Style DrilL


x1 Grand Kai
x1 Videl


Namek Dragonball 2
Namek Dragonball 3
Namek Dragonball 4

Round 1
Me vs. Chris
This match took a long time to happen since I was teaching a new player how to play.
Chris was my opponent, a pretty easy palyer to beat. He had a blue style mastery form
the world games and used 3 forms of Pikkon. I only used 3 of my forms and we started.
I pulled burning rage and red eyelaser assualt on my first turn with a gohan's energy
defense so i got to my second form fast. Then he started to use alot of energy and lower
my anger but eventually i got to third in the 3rd combat.

Round 2
Me vs. Richard
Okay this guy is my friend and i helped put his deck together. He is and orange energy with a
splash of anger. He used 5 forms of goku. Before hand he was in a match for over and hour in 30
minutes(he has dream machine, i gave it to him) well we agreed on only using 3 forms. He went
first and pulled two burning rage's and a strong anger energy attack so by my turn we were both at
form 2. Next was a race to get more anger for the last form. In the end he had 2 anger and i got
my five so i beat him.

Round 3
Me vs. Teddy
Teddy is one of the best,heck he and ivan are the two best at anger ( ivan had to leave) with no
mastery but a but load of anger 2 cards. Teddy was using gokus that pull and addtional card and
goku's physical attack to get more nager wiht black personal smack. We both had 5 forms but we only
used four ( due to the fact that rich's match took so long and i had to go asap) He went first and
pulled awful abrasions, so my anger was screwed and he used alot of energy. My turn was up and i
pulled gokus heart disease ( he has only 1 ally in his deck) and next was a match for me to pull
a dragonball or for hiom to pull his ally. i pulled my awful abrasions and just for the heck of
it put it on him. i finally pulled my dragonball after a lot of energy attacks hurting me. I got
to forth really fast and won right when his hand had his ally.

That was my first tournament win at the card shop, last time i played i got second. All and all
my new deck worked pretty well and my three anger stoppers worked pretty well.

Getting my new mastery from rich
Getting super saiyajin gohan from teedy for a better first form
trading of yugioh cards for good dbz cards that i needed
pulling dende dragonball6 from my free pack

trading a lot of cards for my mastery, too many

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