Subject: Tips and Strategies
Here is my red style mastery deck with Gohan. Try it out if you like. This deck works pretty good, most matches only last 5 or less combats, more if they lower alot of
my anger or if they have 1 of the three stop anger till you put out this. I have all three of them to stop my opponents anger. I also have drills, allies, and dragonballs to stop the three. Its an anger deck remember, dont use in tough enough, it's kind of difficult.

X Gohan Enraged

RED style mastery

Super Saiyan Gohan
Gohan, the Swift
Gohan, the Righteous
Gohan, Ascendant
Gohan, the Winner


x2 Red Eye Laser Assault
x2 Red Power Rush
x2 Red Knife Hand
x1 Red Reverse Punch
x1 Red Palm Heel Strike
x2 Red Power Strike
x1 Red Lightning Slash
x1 Red Knee Bash
x1 Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack
x1 Red Flight
x1 Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt


x3 Red Double Strike
x1 Dragon's Victory
x1 Time is a Warriors Tool


x1 Red Slide
X3 Red Energy Defensive Stance 
x1 Gohan's energy defense
x2 Red Energy shield
x1 Goku's Energy Absorption


x2 Red Jump
x1 Red Side Step
x2 Red Forearm Block
x3 Red Defensive Jump

x1 Goku's Heart Disease
x1 Severe Bruises
x1 Awful Abrasions
x1 Red Hunting Drill
x1 Android 20 Absorbing Drill
x1 hero's enraged
x2 burning rage
x1 Jeice's Style DrilL


x1 Grand Kai
x1 Videl


Namek Dragonball 2
Namek Dragonball 3
Namek Dragonball 4

Signed Mark Smith