Casey []

Hey! This is my first deck that I've ever sent. Hope you like it.

Piccolo, Majunior (WG Saga)
Piccolo (HighTech, Trunks Saga)
Piccolo, the Hero (Trunks Saga)
Piccolo, the Namek (Cell Saga)
Piccolo, the Defender (Cell Games)

Mastery: Red Style Mastery (Cell Saga)
Sensei: West Kai Sensei

Physical Combat
3 Red Power Strike
3 Red Flight
3 Red Shattering Leap
3 Red Lifting Kick
3 Red Implosion Lunge
3 Red Lightening Slash
3 Gohan's Stance
3 Gohan's Strike

Energy Combat
3 Red Energy Charge
3 Red Energy Suprise
3 Tien's Tribeam

3 Red Dodge
3 Red Sidestep
3 Defensive Jump
3 Red Energy Shield

3 Awful Abrations
1 Cell's Threatening Position
3 Smokescreen
2 Piccolo's Determination

3 Who's da Man?!
3 Tien's Mental Conditioning
2 Red Burning Stance

3 Android 20's Absorbing Drill
3 Red Hunting Drill
3 Red Tactical Drill

Dende 1-7

The point of this deck is to beat the living crap out of your opponent. Use the Mastery every chance you get, and pound away. If you can get to level 5, all the better. The most damage you can do is +18 power stages of damage. By the way, you have to play as a villain in with this one.