Subject: Gohan's Crazy Drawing Saiyan Deck by Matt
Main Personality-
Gohan, the Champion (Cell Saga)
Gohan, the Swift  (Cell Saga)
Gohan, the Mighty (Cell Saga)
Gohan, Ascendant (Cell Saga)
Gohan, the Winner (Cell Saga)

Mastery and Sensei
Saiyan Style Mastery (World Games Saga)
South Kai Sensei (World Games)

Sensei Deck:
Saiyan Headshot x2 (Babidi Saga)

Energy Combats
Saiyan Kamehameha x3 (World Games)
Saiyan Might x3 (Babidi Saga)
Saiyan Aura Blast x2 (Babidi)
Saiyan Discharge x2 (World Games)
Saiyan Readied Attack x 3 (World Games)
Saiyan Suspended Blast x2 (Babidi Saga)
Saiyan Glare (Androids)
Saiyan Energy Rupture x3 (Babidi)
Gohan's Energy Defense (Saiyan)

Physical Combats:
Saiyan Finger Block x2 (World Games)
Saiyan Prepared Smash x3 (Babidi)
Saiyan Swift Kick (World Games)
Heroic Shoulder Slam x2 (Babidi)
Saiyan Flight x2 (World Games)
Saiyan Chin Kick x2 (Babidi)
Saiyan Escape x2 (Babidi)
Saiyan Defensive Sphere x3 (Babidi)
Saiyan Side Step (World Games)
Saiyan Fist Attack (Cell Games)
Gohan's Physical Attack (Saiyan)
Saiyan Heads Up (Androids)
Saiyan Movement x2 (Babidi)
Saiyan Power Block x3 (Babidi)
Saiyan Uppercut x3 (World Games)
Saiyan Duck x2 (Babidi)
Saiyan Focused Block (World Games)
Saiyan Wrist Block (Androids)
Saiyan Light Jab (World Games)

Goku, the Leader (Trunks)
Goku, the Defender (Trunks)
Goku, the Protector (Trunks)
Grand Kai (World Games)

Power Up More! (Saiyan)
Saiyan Abduction (World Games)
Burning Rage! x3 (Saiyan)
Saiyan Power Stance (Promo Movie 7)
Saiyan Inspection (Androids)
Saiyan Appraisal Manuver (Saiyan)
Energy Empowerment Drill (Babidi)

Dragon Balls
Earth Dragon Ball 1 (Saiyan)
Earth Dragon Ball 2 (Saiyan)
Earth Dragon Ball 3 (Saiyan_

Use Gohan's level 1 and 2 powers to get an additional card each combat. Combo with the Saiyan Mastery to draw an additional card and prevent some damage. Add in an Earth Dragon Ball 3 and you have 9 cards in a combat to your opponents 3. Grand Kai makes Gohan level 3's power a Physical Attack doing +8 power stages of damage. Energy Empowerment Drill makes Gohan level 4's power an energy attack doing 6 life cards and (with Grand Kai) +5 power stages for 0 power stages! SCARY!
Once you reach level 5, you win if playin Most Powerful Personality. This deck is used for survival however, preventing damage with the Mastery and using a 6 card combat hand to pummel your opponent.