Subject: Arguments for best deck types-CCGMaster3

Since nobody has written anything in two months(or Pojo's getting behind),I'm gonna do a little piece about best deck types.Im gonna start with styles,then break them up.

Saiyan-Strong Physical Beatdown deck,using this deck for any other reason would be pretty much stupid.Not much in versatility as you can see,but still good.With cards like Saiyan Inspection and Saiyan Truce Card,this is definitly a type to try out.

Namekian-This deck is very frustrating,as it makes for long games.Very powerful,however,and can tear a mediocre energy deck to pieces,but it might have trouble with the stronger ones :/

Blue-Not a very powerful type,or useful except for maybe an Android 18 Dragonball deck.Tears anger apart,but anger is not very good as it is a beginners strategy.Good players arent afraid of anger decks anyways.

Red-Good for anger,but like I said,anger isnt that powerful.Now with WGS and BS though its starting to seem more like anti-anger.Okay for physical attack decks,but with low energy blocks,a energy deck can demolish a non-anger Red deck.

Black-Strong for anger,strong for physical,strong for anger,and overall well-balanced.Note:Well balanced means no real strength to build on.

Orange-My personal favorite style.With the right MP and the Trunks Saga Mastery,this deck is near un-beatable!Unless of course you use this deck for physical,than there really isnt much help for you.Orange users use many physical blocks,so the probably problem for this deck isnt that big a deal,the only deck that can stop a good Orange deck is another Orange deck.

   Thats all for now,but I will bring updates to the table soon!