Brand new personalities in Cell Saga!

I’m not talking updates here:  I’m talking 5 brand new, never before playable Main Personalities.  Read on and find out why these guys are the baddest of the bad!

Android #16

Best style : Black

This big bruiser is a combat machine (well, he’s already a machine, but you understand).  He’s got the highest power stages of anyone in the game on levels 1 and 2, and his powers are all integral to owning a fight with your opponent.  First off, when you attack with level 1, your opponent only draws TWO cards, which leaves them open to more attacks.  You can even use the black mastery to eliminate another card from their hand.  His level 2 power stops the first energy attack performed against you in combat, PLUS you gain 3 power stages EVERY TIME you perform a successful attack.  Now, his level 3 has a built in Halting Drill, combined with a power just like Trunks’ High Tech.  All physical attacks against you will only do 3 stages, and all energy attacks only 3 life cards.  There’s a reason his Level 3 is called “The Battler”!  HIs High Tech card makes attacking even sweeter, forcing your opponent to lose 3 power stages.  Thank goodness he can’t use Saiyan Style Mastery ^_^

Android #17

Best style : Red

The evil #17 doesn’t boast high power stages on Level 1, but he stays in the same bracket the whole time, offering some safety.  In the game, #17’s power are geared towards eliminating opponent’s allies.  In combination with the new Red Style mastery, his level 1 and 2 powers are physical attacks doing +6 and +7(or +9) power stages of damage!  Make sure you include copies of “The Car”, which not only removes allies, but is required to make #17’s attacks really, really hurt.  His High Tech also compliments “The Car”, allowing you to draw a card, or two cards if “The Car” is in play. 

Android #18

Best Style : Anything

Man, if there ever was a character that screamed “Play me!” It’s #18.  Her level 1 boasts power stages in the millions, and her power is simply amazing.  You get to look at the top 6 cards in your deck when entering combat, meaning you can plan your next 2 hands!  This works with anything: Black, Blue, Orange, Red...whatever you want!  Her level 2 and 3 still have great powers: level two makes physical attacks only deal base damage, and level 3’s energy attack is very strong.  Her High Tech card has an energy attack doing 6 life cards of damage (1 less than level 3), but it does more power stages of damage if “The Car” is in play. 

Android #20

Best style : Orange

This guy really works nicely with orange anger.  His level 1 power from Android Saga makes it very simple to pull allies from your deck.  All of #20’s personality powers are attacks that are weak by himself, but get super-beefy if you have lots of Android personalities in play, so crank out those allies and you can get some massive damage across with any one of his 4 personality powers.


Best style : Anything aggressive

One of Cell’s most obvious benefits would be a 5-star level 5, making him easy to play in anger decks.  He’s also got a very strong physical attack on level 1, making him viable in any aggressive physical attack deck.  His level 2 power is amazing, because it lets you pull any physical or energy combat card (attack or defense) when entering combat.  Level 3 has a very beefy energy attack, that can really hurt if #17 or #18 are in play.  The other level 3 option, the High Tech, seems to be the card of choice in anger decks, mainly because it is a strong physical attack (+5) that will raise your anger 1, but only if successful.  Available in booster packs are Cell’s 4th and 5th levels, both boasting out-of-this-world energy attacks doing 9 and 12 life cards of damage, respectively.  One of Cell’s greatest assets is the ability to declare Saiyan or Namekian Tokui-Waza, so he will be showing himself in many, many different decks on the tournament scene.

There are tons of cards that enhance villain play in Cell Saga, and don’t forget to look for #16 and #18 to be rogue personalities in the upcoming Cell Games!