Trunks' Lesson in Anger
Garret Groathouse
Friday, December 21, 2001
around 15 people at the weekly Hobbytown USA turney
This is my first DBZ turney report, so stick with me.
My deck:
MP: trunks 1,3,4 from cell saga, and 2 from trunks saga. (all things block energy attacks, or have a negative effect against energy decks) (ps. I might be switching to Cell saga Gohan 1-5 so I will always have most power open to me.)
 Red Style Mastery (its an anger deck, what were you expecting?)
Physical Attacks:
Free Style:
2  Trunks Sword Position 4 (some damage)
3  Trunks Sword Position 1 (raise and lower anger)
4  Trunks Draws Steel (awesome card)
3  Hidden Power Level (helps me recover from not leveling up in a combat)
Red cards:
3  Red Reverse Punch (standard +3 stages, and 1 anger)
3  Red Lifting Kick (i use these when i level up, so i dont have to pay the 1 anger)
3  Red Round Kick (again, standard +3, 1 anger)
3  Red Lightning Slash (just in case allies or drills get outta controll)
2  Red Palm Heel Strike (oh look! another +3 gain 1 anger card!
3  Red Implosion Lunge (solid hitter)
3  Red Front Kick (what can i say, i ran out of +3 cards ^_^)
3  Red Power Rush ("cannot be stopped or prevented by Physical combat cards" great card.)
3  Red Kinfe Hand (look, i found another +3!, 1 anger card!)
2  Red Face Upheaval(just incase they use one of those pesky "you oppent cant gain anger" cards)
3  Red Shattering Leap (2 attacks in 1, again, card advantage)
Physical Defense:
3 Red Knee Strike (basic blocker)
Energy Attacks:
Free Style:
3  Garlic Jr's Energy Blast (lots of peole play the EDB's)
Red Style:
3  Red Energy Blast (lets me get rid of annoying allies or drills)
Energy Defense:
3  Red Energy Shield (um... hidden power level in a block....)
2  Red Side Kick (standard energy block)
3  Red Blazing Aura (acts like a blocker, wich in this deck, is very important)
2  Red Burning Stance (make people think twice about attacking)
2  Trunks Finds the Answer (lets me get my sword positons out faster, plus card advantage is key in combat)
1  each Enraged!, Blazing Anger!, Burning Rage!, and Hero Enraged! (there basically the same, so they go under the same) (should be in every ones deck, no matter what the stratige is, 2 anger and 2 cards)
2  King Kai Training (get back the good attacks)
Well theres my deck, its a standard red anger deck. Its VERY effective, in the sense that I can level up almost every combat. Trunks is there to add to the low blocking abaility of the deck, and the trunks saga lv. 2 is there to keep their anger down.
    After a sressful registration session, it was finally time to get parrings up. Seeing as im the judge at these turneys, it was my responsibility to do this.
First round I had to play one of the newer players, Levi..
His deck was his old one, but with the new Cell Saga Picclio 1-3. He played really well, blocking my atacks, and holding his own till i got to level 3. He basically gave up at his point i think, and I felt bad, so being the awesome turney director I am, I let him have a free rare for his deck.
my next match was against my friend Larry
we've been playing the DBZCCG since it started, and we've been friends for about 3 years .
Anyway, he was plaing a pain in the butt black deck. short story, at the end, I got lucky and blocked an attack, and gained the one anger to win me the game.
after this match was over I went and got the $2 cell saga pack prizes from the store. I got another foil "mr. popo's calming". Some one got really lucky and got a Goku lv. 5, and another person got a foil Gohan lv. 5.
The third match was against another new player, my friend Amber. She got the bye last round, and I got paired down to play her. (I had someone elese do the parings while I got the packs, so no, it wasn't rigged). She was running her new orange deck with 18 as her main. This game was REALLY close! Its amazing how fast she learnded the game (she had started just that last saturday) and broke some common cards. She was kicking my butt, but I got lucky again, and pulled a Blazing Anger! on my turn, played it, declared combat, use my red style to bring me to 3 anger, then used the blazing to bump me up to 5 and a victory.
At the last match I had to play Elioit. Hes another one of my friends (seem to have to play them a lot, huh? but i really wanna see how my deck will fare against the other "group" of players) and another new player.
He was using his Goku deck with the Cell saga 1-5, so my red style diden't help to much. However it was kinda one sided 'cause I had the better deck. It was all over when I got to level 3 and could block 2 of his energy attacks every turn for free.
I won the turney, but we don't have any prizes besides the $2 packs. Over all every one did good and it was our largest turn out ever!(It beat pokemons' 7 players at leauge) (P.S.If you live in Lincoln come down and play! 4-6 every Friday at Hobbytown! *sorry pojo for some free advertising*) I did get $15 in store credit though, because of the turn out, and having to do pairings off paper (i get to use the computer next time!) and with that i got some magi-knight packs with a unique in one!
Well thats all for now,
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