Hello my handle is Ironman and I'm sending you this email to inform you of an update from Score's DBZ CCG Site. I see your site out of many...is the only that actually focuses on the CCG cards. So here's what they put up:

Attention Z Warriors! We let our R&D staff out into the sunlight for a few hours, and they came back wanting to reverse one of their rulings... so here it is:

NEW RULING: Cards that stop an attack (including cards that stop an attack for the remainder of Combat) can only be played as a defense.

R&D had previously ruled that cards which stopped an attack "for the remainder of Combat" could only be used in place of an attack. Needless to say, this caused more confusion than it helped clear up, so R&D is reversing the ruling, which makes everything clearer, but still maintains game balance. In effect, this ruling means that cards that stop an attack "for the remainder of Combat" can ONLY be played as a defense, and no longer as an attack. Basically, if a card "stops an attack..." you can ONLY play it as a defense (i.e. cards like Red Blazing Aura and Cell's Defense are now played as a defense).

- I hope this was helpful.

Dragonball Fury