This is an article about what I think the Cell Games will bring

Cell: Let the Games Begin
     By: KingBrolly
     This February (June to Score), the Cell Games will be released. I can predict quite a few things now; for example:
125-card set
2 Ultra Rares
6 Preview cards
36 commons, 36 rares, and 51 Uncommons
     But, i'm going to take a stab at the set Archetype Possibilities for the Cell Games. Considering that new stuff will come to pass in the next few weeks, and what new possibilities we have.
     So, I give to you, the Top 10 Countdown Cell Games Set Archetype Possibilities!
# 10 - Combat cards - Why, you ask. B/c combat cards have great powers, but you don't really see many do ya? Well, it might bring in a few more cards like Trunks Energy Sphere, and cards that remove life cards and discarded cards from the game making it a nightmare for your opponent!
# 9 - DragonBalls - Pretty simple to explain, there aren't many DragonBall getting cards, capturing cards, and there definitly needs to be a way to stop DDB's. They don't have fading or ally protection. Right now there are also 5 good DB getting cards you need, we need probably about 4 or 5 more considering anger and beatdown types.

# 8 - Energy Combat - Basically, a copy of Frieza Saga, but more Energy Defense cards that that set. It only had 5 or 6 Energy attack stopping cards, which is needed. And, they need to improve on the worst set of all, Frieza Saga.

# 7 - Ending Combat cards - Notice that in the early stages of the Saga that there was a lot of relaxtion going on. So, probably there will be a lot of cards to save your butt in this set.

# 6 - Regeneration - For longer games and better chances against Physical beatdown decks, you'll probably have cards that you have to discard a card from your hand to gain 5 power stages or ones that have you lose 3 power stages to get a card back into your life deck.

# 5 - Battlegrounds and Locations - They need more of these great cards to make up for previous sets, and since right now there is only 1 card that removes a Battleground card, your 98% guranteed to have a Location remover one in this set. They need cards like the Tree of Might, Planet Namek, Future Planet, Dr. Willow's Lab, and Garlic Jr.'s Castle, and probably, but not likely Capsule Corp. Ship.

# 4 - Non-Tokui Waza Theme - Okay, since Androids was about Tokui-Waza, nothing would be greater than having a set to make non-Tokui-Waza decks better. B/c @ Tournaments, you don't see a whole lot of Non-Tokui-Waza decks, do you?

# 3 - Wussy Theme - I like to call this Yajarific! Defense cards. I mean, there are tons of attacks, not a lot of defense cards, attack cards probably out number defense cards 2:1 or 3:1. So, it would be nice to even it up.

# 2 - Anger Management - For all your Calming needs. Everyone knows Anger is still alive, but there are only a few cards that really hurt anger decks, so, they need more attacks and defenses that lower your opponent's anger level.

And, the # 1 Predicted Cell Games Saga Theme Set by me IS!!!!. . .
# 1 - Don't MAKE ME ANGRY!!!! - Yes. That's right. In Celebration of the Cell Saga and Level 5's, bring in new Level 5's for Piccolo, Krillin, Trunks, Tien, Yamcha, Anroid-18, 17, 16, and Cell Jr.'s(If they are there). And, you think that will hurt, not, they'll probably add an ULTRA RARE or 2 that Let's you advance a level and keep your same anger level. There is evidence to this, as you know, in Cell Saga, there were a lot of cards that raised your anger 1 level, and that in the last 3 sets there have been no Raise Anger 2 Non-Combat cards, you will definitly see 2 or 3 of those appear, and maybe 3.

     So, those 10 would make the game more interesting, and fair, and yes, Anger cards are needed to help out b/c Lv.5's do hurt Anger decks. But, you could say that a number of those 10 will be in the set, but not mainly, they'll make 2 or 3 of those I mentioned above, but you can gurantee DDB deck enders, DB getters (hopefully), Defense cards (I mean, more than usual), and Regenerators. So, there will be a lot of conflict about it, and I want to hear your opinion, there is evidence to those facts, and I would love to debate them. So,for now, good-bye.

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