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Subject: The best DragonBall victory.

Okay, this deck is totality awesome. I won many tournaments with this deck.Have Piccolo (Cell Saga) 1-4, so you can rejuvenate important cards you discarded. Have a blue style mastery (Cell Saga) make sure you have cards that end combat ( at least 6) because you'll be defending most of the time. Have 24 different blocks (MAKE SURE TO HAVE CARDS THAT BLOCK BOTH PHYSICAL AND ENERGY BLOCKS.) have DragonBalls 1-7 (Namekian.) because they also have rejuvenation, also have cards that get dragonballs out of your deck ( Goku's Lucky Break, etc) and have Android 18 as an ally (Android) because of blocking any attack. And any other allies that block attack. And last but not least have defense shields (only a few.) Once you have most of these cards the only thing getting past this deck is Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast.