Subject: Daugter's Joy?
After seeing the card Daughter's Joy from Buu Saga, it reminded me a lot of Straining Rebirth Move. While the latter has the numbers 5-9-1, the former starts with 5-9-2. Could this be in honor of IQ's child turning 2? If I could find IQ's e-mail, I would have asked him but, as you get your Card reveiws from him I assume you can. So, what do you know, and what could you tell me about Daughter's Joy?


Note: If you haven't seen it yet, Here's the cards stats
Name: Daughter's Joy
Type: Non-Combat
Number: 97
Power: Remove 5, 9, or 2 cards in your discard pile from the game. Choose up to the same amount of Combat cards in your opponent's discard pile and remove them from the game. Draw a card. Remove from the game after use.
Character: Marron
Quote: Yay! Go mom! Get him!